Admission Counsellor - Chamarajpet& Bangalore

Education Qualification - MBA

Skills- Good Communication and Interpersonal skills 

Should have experience in inside sales (B2C) in an Education sectors preferably in CBSE International schools

Admissions counselors promote their educational institutions to prospective students and their parents. In this role, they may be hired by colleges and universities or private elementary and secondary schools. Some public high schools also hire admissions counselors to advise outgoing seniors about post-secondary educational options and help them through the necessary application processes.


Attends Recruiting Events

Admissions counselors attend education fairs and other events to talk about their schools. This part of the job can require long hours and an extensive amount of travel within their defined territory, particularly for college admissions counselors. They also plan events at their own school for visitors to attend and learn about admissions requirements and procedures. This responsibility may also require working when events are held on weekends.

Presents Information Sessions

Some admissions counselors also present information sessions at their schools for prospective students and their parents. As professionals who are involved in or knowledgeable about admissions decisions, they are in a position to offer insights into what the school looks for in successful applicants. They must be able to make interesting and informed presentations as well as answer impromptu questions.

Communicates with Others

In addition to talking with students and their parents, admissions counselors also communicate with alumni who may meet with students in their area, with other members of the admissions team and with upper management. Alumni help in the admissions process by meeting and networking with targeted students and those who might not be able to visit the school. Counselors work closely with the admissions team to agree on goals and results for each recruiting season. Writing reports about events they attended and offering opinions on applicants are an essential aspect of the job, so counselors must be effective communicators at all levels.

Makes Admissions Decisions

Whether or not admissions counselors serve on the admissions committee often depends on the size of the school. Larger schools have larger staffs that can have more limited job functions and separate people for these duties, each handling a higher volume of applicants. Smaller schools often ask their admissions counselors to serve multiple roles. Someone who makes admissions decisions is in a unique position to advise prospective applicants. Even those who aren't on the admissions committee are well advised about the types of students the school seeks.

Evaluates Recruitment Program

As someone who is out in the community actively promoting the school, the admissions counselor is usually also involved in evaluating the overall success of recruitment efforts after each recruitment season. She compares data from previous years with the current year, including number of applications and types of applicants, and analyzes what efforts were new and how well they worked. She then helps to design the recruitment program for the next year.


Admission Counsellor Requirements:

Bachelor's or Associate's degree in Counseling.

Master's Degree in Counseling may be advantageous.

Minimum of 2 years' professional counseling experience, preferably in an educational field.

Knowledge of placement testing and career, personal, and educational assessment.

Experience with counseling principles, techniques, and practices as applied to students' problems and developmental needs.

Excellent active listening and communication skills.

Patient, friendly, and accommodating personality.

Social perceptiveness and an understanding of body language.

Excellent interpersonal and mediation skills.
Bengaluru, KA, IN