Azure Infrastructure


Design, build, maintain, and support a public and private Azure cloud infrastructure and solutions to support the availability, orchestration, configuration scalability, maintenance, and monitoring of the platform (network, storage, compute, security, traffic management, identity management)
Responsible for implementation and deployment of infrastructure solutions based on Application architectural designs
Design, Develop, Deploy, and Maintain core infrastructure and services in Azure through automation leveraging Infrastructure-as-Code methodologies and source control solutions. Manage and maintain software defined infrastructure environment, configuration and build scripts for dev/qa/prd environments
Provide input into proposed cloud solutions based on customer requirements, design and implementation plans. Communicate the cloud deployment model for different applications and use cases.
Ensure products and services are built, tested, approved, deployed, and hardened in compliance with security and risk standards.
Maintain operational stability, enforce security measures, testing, development and deployment of new infrastructure related technologies.
Collaborate with Cyber Security Operations to incorporate security services and best practices into cloud platform, ensure tagging, logging and configuration supports monitoring of cloud platform security
Track and monitor the usage/consumption of infrastructure specific services; ensure performance and SLA/OLA adherence.

Skillset required:

10+ years' experience in infrastructure and Automation role
4 + years of experience with Microsoft Azure (must)
Hands on Knowledge with Azure services like Storage Account(ADLS), Azure files, Cosmos DB, SQL Servers, Kubernetes, AppInsights, Key vault, Application Gateway, Azure monitor, Azure Active Directory, Application Gateway, Azure Load Balancer etc. (Must)
strong knowledge about Azure services such as Azure Functions, event Hub, ADLS, Blob Storage, Data Factory, API management, Data Bricks, Synapse, HDInsight, Azure Data factory, Azure Machine Learning, Batch, IOT Central, etc.
Experience with Infrastructure as code automation Azure Bicep, Azure CLI, Terraform, Ansible or thru other scripting languages.
Experience working with container technologies (docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
Experience with creation CI CD pipelines and release work flows for Infrastructure automation.
Experience with scripting (Python, Bash, PowerShell, etc.)
Experience with Windows, Linux based systems.
Experience with Security best practices in Azure public cloud .
Bengaluru, KA, IN