DP Economics and Business Management

Past experience-   Minimum 3 years in teaching DP Economics & Business Management 
Education -  Post-Graduate Degree, PGDIE/CIDTL/B.Ed. preferred
Responsibilities Includes-
Educate students by planning and developing courses of study according to BIS curriculum guidelines and school requirements.
Tailor and differentiate courses of study and lessons to meet the individual needs of student’s levels of academic ability and previous achievement.
Develop and present lesson plans by using a variety of teaching models and techniques.
Planning the indoor and outdoor environment in order to provide a positive, creative and stimulating context for learning and teaching.
Preparation of resources to support delivery of the curriculum indoors and outdoors.
Observe, monitor and assess students on-going progress. Prepare assignments and tests for in-school assessment and homework.
Maintain good disciplinary order and child safety standards in the classrooms, on school campus, and while on bus and vigilance duties.
Maintain safe, secure, and healthy educational environment on campus and on field trips.
Undertake pastoral duties, such as supporting pupils on an individual basis through academic or personal difficulties;
Keep parents informed of children’s progress by maintaining records of academic performance, attendance, and participation; reporting on all elements of student development at parent-teacher conferences, both regularly scheduled and as-needed through PTMs and diary notes.
Specific Skills-
Ability to communicate with understanding and effectiveness to have a positive impact on others.
Be culturally aware and respectful of differences.
Encourage development of self and others, to achieve and go beyond the IB & BIS mission.
Explore and identify the best and most ethical approach, taking personal responsibility, meeting challenges and resolving problems in delivering results to a high standard.
Work to support and develop collaboration within and across teams.
Have the courage, forethought and independence of spirit to use change and/or continuous development in a socially responsible manner.
Implement the IB’s strategic plan to meet the medium and long term needs, mission and values of BIS.
Contribute to ToK development in the subject area
Vijayawada, AP, IN