Mathematics Teacher - Sindhanur& Raichur District& Karnataka

Preferred Teachers from Hyderabad/Vijayawada/Bellary/Hubli/Davangere/Bagalkot

Preferably Female Candidate

Education Qualification - 

Master’s Degree in Mathematics (M. Sc. - Mathematics) or equivalent
Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.)

Grades - 6 to 10 th

We are searching for a capable and trustworthy Mathematics Teacher to join our excellent faculty. The Mathematics Teacher’s responsibilities include developing interesting lesson plans and curricula, collaborating with other teachers, completing student assessments, and addressing any performance issues. You should be able to teach students from varied cultural backgrounds and handle sensitive lessons without being squeamish.

Middle School Mathematics Teacher encourages the development of problem solving, logical reasoning, and flexible thinking skills. Math teachers help impart not only the most fundamental of skills, but also some of the most valuable.

Planning, developing and executing lessons that reflect the curriculum and the state’s core educational standards
Adapting mathematics curriculum for individual, small group, and remedial instruction to meet the needs of identified students or subgroups of students
Evaluating the academic and social growth of students
Evaluating student progress and the ability to meet courses standards in mathematical knowledge and skills
Establishing and maintaining standards of student behavior


Middle School Mathematics are required to:

Upgrade them self with new Trends and Technologies.
Be smart and present a positive image of Organization, Colleague and themselves

Middle School Mathematics should be able to:

Ability to successfully communicate learning goals and expectations to students and parents
Ability to organizing curriculum according to district guidelines
Comfortable communicating with large groups of students
Driven to educate students of all abilities and backgrounds

Skill Sets required in Middle School Mathematics Teacher

Maturity, intelligence, energy
Diplomacy and tact
Outstanding initiative and enthusiasm
Moral courage and integrity
Patience, resilience and flexibility
Strong interpersonal skills
Sindhanur, KA, IN