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A. Maintenance Section 1.1 To carry out machine preventive maintenance (P.M) and repair work. 1.2 To carry out the greasing and fitting process and the specification involved for greasers and fitters 1.3 Understanding of electrical circuits in all machines and treatment during breakdown. 1.4 Understanding of the safety precautions when conducting all maintenance and repair work. 1.5 The following applicable requirement should be trained: a) Understanding of the types of maintenance required (i.e. Upon request, schedule.etc. b) Understanding of structure and the locations whereby maintenance are required c) Understanding of how machines operate and the possible elements that lead to their failure. d) Understanding of the nature of operation for the machines and standards to establish schedule (P.M) e) How to fit mechanical parts into machines and knowledge of the parts. f) How to grease the machines thoroughly and establish a time interval. g) What are the restricted areas and the prohibited activities during cleaning process. B. Technical Section 2.1 To operate and set-up the production machine. 2.2 Understanding of the function every machine is suitable to do what product. 2.3 Understanding of the safety precautions when operate the machine. 2.4 Understanding of the technical background to support our department. 2.5 Understanding of the step to launch the product until finish good. 2.6 The following applicable requirements should be trained: a) Understanding of the type of technical required (i.e drawing, dimension, etc) b) Understanding of the structure and locations whereby technical support are required. c) Understanding of how to read drawing and use tool measurement (i.e caliper, ruler, etc) d) Understanding of how to operate the machine and machine function. e) Understanding of step need to do is most easier and faster to finish the product. f) Understanding of solution and action should be take for solve the problem appear on product g) If have any problem can’t solve by own need to reporting for your head. h) For all above, the reporting machine should be clear in the event of any problems.
FMEFAMAX is to play a leading role in the industry. FMEFAMAX’s policy focuses on indispensable to ensure customer satisfaction, while production is aimed at achieving the highest standards. FMEFAMAX’s product portfolio aims at meeting the toughest and most sophisticated requirement for the industrial process. FMEFAMAX is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 Certification by UKAS QUALITY MANAGEMENT.
Diploma / Advanced Diploma / Higher Graduate Diploma / DVM / DKM Level 4 / DLKM Level 5

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