Research Scientist (Typhoid/Chikungunya Department)

We are seeking a Research Scientist for a 2-year-regular position (renewable) within the Typhoid/Chikungunya team at the International Vaccine Institute.

Job Description:

This job is responsible for coordinating, initiating and completing clinical/non-clinical projects. It also ensures that all project activities under the programs are conducted with the highest quality standards, within timeline and budget. This position is responsible for coordinating the program level activities with internal and external stakeholders as well as leading few activities in the team. It also involves developing manuscripts, assisting in new funding opportunities as per the goals of the program.

1. Coordinate conduct of clinical projects & studies
Design, implement, and supervise various clinical activities (clinical trial planning, conduct) inside or outsourced IVI projects
Oversee the implementation of other non-clinical activities in the program (non-human primate study, laboratory coordination) as well as support writing new proposals, tools, and protocols
2. Develop and maintain existing external networks and develop potential partners
Assist global IVI in linking global and regional level partnerships to help maintain consistency of the technical issues
Coordinate and/or represent SNL in professional circles through meetings, conferences and presentations to use the network as leverage for program sustainability and scale up
Identify potential partners/countries for implementation of program/project activities
Ensure in close collaboration with Program Director, Program Management, Clinical Operations and Project Administration that potential partners have the capacity to conduct the activities in partnership with IVI and contract is developed timely and following international and local standards
Contribute to developing budget in close collaboration with Principal Investigator, Program Director, Project Management, Clinical Operations and Project Administration to accommodate project activities within available sponsored fund
Contribute in close collaboration with Program Director to the selection and definition of terms of partners needed for conduct of project activities
3. Support on development of IVI clinical infrastructure
Contribute in close collaboration with Project Management, Clinical Operations and Project Administration to archiving of project related documents (Research Agreement, Contract, project related standard operating procedures, etc.) at site and at IVI in accordance to regulatory authorities with updating any changes or modification to the project related documents properly
Contribute to vision and strategic leadership of projects in collaboration with local partners and direct supervisor
4. Documentation and dissemination
Publish scientific papers and give presentation at conferences internally and externally
Ensure that the scientific evidence of the research projects are published and shared with the international community timely and in compliance with international standards
5. Contribute to developing new research opportunities
Devise or assist in drawing up new research proposals and apply for funding and grants
Initiate, coordinate/author new grant proposals as principal investigator and/or support proposals from
program/project team as requested
Job Requirements and Qualifications
1. Education Requirements
Medical Doctorate or equivalent
2. Related Field Work Experience
3+ years in the vaccine field
3. Technical and Professional Skills / Knowledge
GCP knowledge and experience. Knowledge of project management, budget management, statistics, and study design
Experience working on vaccine development projects in a developing country setting
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