Software Engineer (Data Focus)

Our client is looking for a Software Engineer (Data Focus) to join their team.

Build query (and necessary ETL) services that serve data to the new workstation software. Automated testing for correctness and performance.
Become a subject matter expert in the data we work with and the intelligence analysis domain.
Exploit industry leading data-warehouse technology to serve data to the front-end fast and compute various analytics on the data.
Collaborate with suppliers of data to ensure that your team gets the right data and in the right way to serve the end-user.
API design. Collaborate with API consumers in your team to ensure that the apis serve their needs.
Contribute to the data architecture. Continuous integration in the dev lab.
Contribute to micro-services architecture to ensure clean focused interfaces. Release the services.

Key Skills
Deliver bullet-proof software that performs steadily under load
Always looking for opportunities to do more with the data for the end-user Collaborate to bring all the pieces together
Always learning 


Minimum: Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Electronic Engineering plus 3 years relevant previous experience.
Tech Stack:
Protocol buffers
Vertica SQL and analytics Elasticsearch
Maven Jenkins Linux Docker Grafana Kibana
Python (Notebooks for performance tests) opentracing (Jaeger)




Cape Town, WC, ZA