Cash & Credit Controller

Job Description
We are looking for a comp etitive and trustworthy Cash & Credit Controller who can help us enhance our business activities. The candidate will be responsible for discovering and pursuing new sales prospects whilst maintaining customer satisfaction. The goal is to meet and surpass the companys expectations to drive rapid and sustainable growth.

We are looking to hire an experienced credit controller to expertly manage the debts of our company. As a credit controller, you will be responsible for collecting debts from our company debtors, evaluating new credit requests, ensuring timely payments of company debts, processing invoices, maintaining the sales ledger, and providing administrative support.

To ensure success as a credit controller, you should have a good eye for detail and the ability to reconcile complex company accounts. Ultimately, a top-class credit controller can maximize company profits by efficiently managing its debts.

Job Description:

Evaluating new credit requests and conducting client credit checks.
Managing and collecting debts from company debtors.
Setting up the terms of credit for new clients.
Negotiating payment plans.
Managing the collection of all payments and debts.
Responding to client inquiries.
Processing invoices.
Preparing statements and reports for the company accountant.
Managing the sales ledger.
Liaising with customers and the sales team.

Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or mathematics.

Previous work experience as a credit controller.

Good understanding of the legal complexities of loans, payment plans, and interest rates.

Proficient in Accounting and Office software.

Ability to reconcile complex debtors accounts.

Karachi, SD, PK