Melbourne Teaching Opportunities | Term 3, 4 and 2023

Job Description
Melbourne Teaching Opportunities | Term 3, 4 and 2023

SchoolHouse Australia is an education recruitment company serving Independent, Catholic and Government schools throughout Australia. We are currently seeking teachers for permanent and contract roles across Melbourne commencing in   Term 3, 4 and 2023. Our clients welcome applications from newly qualified and experienced teachers seeking work on a   full-time or part-time basis.

We welcome expressions of interest from qualified teachers in the following subject areas and locations:

Melbourne north

Wood and Junior Art (Term 3 contract)

Textiles and Food Technology (Term 3 contract)

English and Humanities (Term 3 contract) 

VET and RE Teacher (Semester contract, part-time)

Maths and Science Teacher (Semester contract)

Junior Maths and Science (Semester contract)

English and Humanities  (12 month contract)

English (12 months contract)

Mathematics, Science and DT (Semester contract)

Science (Permanent)

Indonesian (Permanent)

Melbourne south-east

Science (Semester contract)

English and RE (Permanent)

Physical Education (Semester contract)

Junior Maths (Semester contract)

English (Permanent)

Spanish (Permanent)

Mathematics (Semester contract)

Art Teacher (Permanent)

Additional Needs Teacher (12 month contract)

Arts and Humanities Teacher (Permanent)

Administrative Assistant (Contract)

Secondary Teacher (Mathematics, Religious Education, English & Health & PE will be strongly considered)

Head of House (Permanent)

Wood Technology (Permanent)

Food Technology (Permanent)

Melbourne east

Psychology Teacher (Semester contract)

Melbourne, VIC, AU