Dental Technician

Dental Technician Full Time Ceramics

Dental TechnicianMelbourne

CERAMICS Building of porcelain onto zirconia/metal substructures and also stain/glaze on all restoration types at a high standard set by the management team.
Work on Remake/Adjustment cases to determine cause of issue and repair.
Complete a volume of 8-10 laminated crowns per day or 20-25 stain/glaze per day or a mixture of both (2 stain/glaze crowns = 1 laminated). 
QUALITY CONTROL Work collaboratively with QC to ensure cases meet appropriate standards.
MISCELLANEOUS To work in all areas of the dental laboratory to achieve best workflow and results, this includes but not limited to CAD scan/design, metal/zirconia works, plaster, CAM, model work, and acrylic.
Demonstrate techniques to other staff members as required.
Other reasonable duties as directed by management from time to time.
Organisational: Tasks and Responsibilities
Occupational Health & Safety • Have a duty to take care for their own health and safety and of others affected by their actions or inactions at work. 
• Comply with safety procedures and practices that have been put in place to minimise the risk of injury to workers, contractors, customers, volunteers and visitors and to control identified hazards in the workplace. 
• Do not wilfully interfere with or misuse equipment, materials or facilities provided in the interest of health, safety and welfare of those who attend the workplace. 
• Do not wilfully interfere with or misuse information or instructions provided in the interest of health, safety and welfare of those who are in their care at the workplace. 
• In accordance with agreed procedures for accident and incident reporting, report near misses, potential and actual hazards to their immediate supervisor for resolution. 
• Participate in regular safety checks, including fire drills and contribute to the evaluation and review of such procedures. 
• Attend training provided or organised to ensure compliance with OHS requirements. 
Quality and Continuous improvement
• To strive to improve our products, processes, and services to the highest standard.
Policies and procedures • All employees are required to be familiar with Modern Dental Pacific policies and procedures
• All employees are always required to abide by all policies and procedures, as amended.
Key Selection Criteria
Skills and experience:
• Minimum of 5 years’ experience as a Dental Laboratory Technician
• Strong English verbal communication skills
• Good hand-eye coordination to complete precise and detailed work.
• An eye for form and design
• Able to concentrate for long periods.
• Strong reading comprehension and critical thinking
• Extensive experience working with Ceramics.
• Ability to work autonomously and as a team to achieve team objectives.
• Excellent time management skills.
• Degree in Dental Technology or similar
Melbourne, VIC, AU