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Teacher - Engineering, TAFE Queensland

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Toowoomba region
By working at TAFE Queensland, you can be a part of a highly experienced workforce closely connected with their industries and dedicated to delivering best practices and innovative training.

About TAFE Queensland

TAFE Queensland is proud to be the largest and most experienced Vocational Education and Training provider in the State. For more than years, TAFE Queensland has delivered practical and industry-relevant training to provide students with the skills and experience they need to build lifelong careers. We have recently been named the State Winner of the Large Training Provider of the Year at the prestigious Queensland Training Awards. Our training is delivered to students and apprentices on-site, online, in the workplace, or on-campus to give people the skills they need to enrich their communities, support their industries, and strengthen their local economies.

By working at TAFE Queensland, you can be a part of a highly experienced workforce closely connected with their industries and dedicated to delivering best practices and innovative training.

Your Opportunity

As a Teacher of TAFE Queensland, you will contribute to developing and delivering quality learning, teaching and assessment to a wide range of clients through:

Outcome focussed vocational education and training (VET) programs;
Linking with industry, schools, universities, community, other TAFE and VET providers;
Maintaining currency with industry practices, workplace delivery and contemporary teaching methodologies and philosophies; and 
Working in an environment of ongoing change and continuous improvement.

This position reports to the Educational Team Leader. 

This is a Temporary Full-time Position until // unless determined otherwise.

The position will be based primarily at the Toowoomba Campus, however you may be required to perform work at other TAFE Queensland campuses.

Key Responsibilities

Display teaching competence and a commitment to a student centred approach.
Lead and manage effective teaching and learning within classroom, workplace, simulated and online learning environments with a focus on student engagement, progression and success.
Utilise flexible, blended and inclusive learning techniques, options and products which are responsive to various student cohorts, including commencing students and those with priority needs.
Design, develop and implement assessment tools and processes that meet industry skills standards (). 
Participate in continuous improvement activities to enhance the quality of training and assessment provided to students.
Develop effective working relationships with students, client groups and staff by participating in team meetings, industry reference groups, student events and forums, inviting feedback and engaging in reflection.
Ensure that students adopt and practise accepted safety procedures and sustainability in the learning and assessment environment.
Contribute to planning, design, development, implementation and review of educational programs.
Participate in relevant professional learning activities to develop and maintain currency of personal and professional skills, knowledge and attitudes for both industry and learning, teaching and assessment.
Undertake general administration duties including monitoring of student attendance and progression, facilitating access to educational support and providing effective feedback and advice. 
Contribute to the success of transformation and cultural change through promoting and modelling the established values of Safety First, Working Together, and Focussing on Our Customer, Showing Initiative and Taking Responsibility. 

How you will be assessed

The ideal applicant will have the following key capabilities within the context of the key responsibilities outlined above:

Possess skills and knowledge of national training packages and accredited courses to support competency development and the ability to respond positively to industry and individual needs. 
Demonstrate capacity for best practice in the management of teaching and learning activities including the development of industry relevant, flexible, innovative, technology enhanced learning options, training products and solutions.
Demonstrate capacity for initiative, self-management, teamwork and sustainable practice, with the ability to accept, promote and manage change through the use of well-developed interpersonal and communication skills.
Demonstrate commitment to self-development with the focus on maintaining skills contemporary industry and teaching practices and the use of educational technologies and Learning Management Systems to support learning.
Possess sound knowledge of safe, equitable and anti-discriminatory work practices and demonstrate ability to be flexible, inclusive, and responsive and deliver quality student experience.

Mandatory Qualifications/Requirements:

a.Vocational competencies at least to the level being delivered and assessed;

o MEM Certificate III Engineering - Fabrication

b.Possession of one of the following training and assessment credentials:

TAE - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment;
TAE - Certificate IV in Training and Assessment plus TAELLN Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills and TAEASS Design and Develop Assessment Tools;
TAE - Diploma of Vocational Education and Training;
TAE - Diploma of Vocational Education and Training; or its successor;
TAE - Diploma of Training Design and Development;
TAE - Diploma of Training Design and Development, or its successor;
Higher-level qualification in adult education (approved by TAFE Queensland).

c. Current industry skills directly relevant to the training and assessment being provided;

d. Current knowledge and skills in vocational training and learning that informs the training and assessment provided;

e. Evidence of undertaking professional development in the fields of the knowledge and practice of vocational training, learning and assessment including competency-based training and assessment.

Highly Desirable Requirements:

Certificate IV Engineering
Qualification in certified tickets
Welding supervisor AS
Toowoomba, QLD, AU