RN FT Days MICU Gilmore-Amory

Job DefinitionJob Description Clinical Practice:
Uses the nursing process to provide safe, quality patient care and document accordingly.
Works to ensure his/her compliance with all NMHS policies and requirements as directed by the Nurse Manager and Educator.
Provides patient/family education and acts as a resource for existing staff and new employees.
Can participate in the Preceptor class to ensure proper training of new employees
Maintains communication with multidisciplinary team members to provide holistic care to the patient.
Attends daily huddles on each unit to ensure proper assignments and identify team members for the shift.
Customer Relations:
Projects caring, friendly and helpful image to patients and other customers.
Utilized the patient’s communication board (white board) to identify name, date, goals, other staff and procedures or test for the day to keep the patients and families informed.
Complies by the NMHS behavioral standards.
Maintains competency by staying informed of changing trends in the nursing practice.
Attends annual review and unit specifics within the department.
Performs required continuing education hours online and in classroom.
Regulatory Knowledge:
Complies with regulatory and accrediting agency requirements.
Licensed by the board of Nursing for the state.

Gilmore, ACT, AU