Character Designer - Expressions of Interest


We have many exciting productions in the works and are looking to build our talent pool. This is not a specific job but as the title suggests, an expression of interest.
We're looking for artists to help develop and establish the look, tone, appeal and design of characters that fit within the Program’s world and work for story and series production.

We're looking for people who have the following skills:

Ability to create final line-work and final colour for all allocated characters as directed by the Director and Production Company;
Design costumes, character’s props, expression sheets, turns and special poses per the design breakdowns and needs of the animation team
Work with the understanding of traditional 2D animation limitations in mind, ensuring the characters are easy to replicate in a production environment as briefed;
Revise any artwork as requested, and re-submit to the Director for approval;
Ensure the quality & style of show is maintained;
Have a solid professional standard of traditional arts based skills including illustration;
Display strong character design and construction/anatomy skills
Have an understanding of the use of Adobe Suite in an animation production environment a bonus;
Ability to consistently meet deadlines and multitask;
Excellent communication skills and willingness to share information in a team environment;
A passion for visuals that enhance narrative and storytelling.
Please note that this is not for a specific job but as the title suggests, a place for expressions of interest.
Alexandria, NSW, AU