Project Coordinator

OUTPUT / DELIVERABLES Budget Assist in managing project/programme budget & costs.Execute monthly cost & projection reporting.Coordinate PPO time capturingManage account payments for various vendorsCreate and manage Purchase orders for all contractorsManage Receipt of Goods on Purchase orders before month-endResolve budget queries and report to Project/Programme Manager.Prepare reports on projects costCommunicationBe proficient in MS Teams and related collaboration sites and facilitate virtual meetingsCoordinates project progress reporting using agile project management methodology.Follow-up on project reports required for monitoring and evaluation of projectsMonitoring project implementation dates and follow-up with stakeholdersUpdate PPO with weekly progress comments from the different streamsSupportCoordinate project/programme plan.Organise and minute high level project/programme meetings (including virtual meetings)Resource contracts and maintenanceCoordinate project/programme plan.Maintain project/programme data on PPO and SharePoint.Update of demand/supply for the project/programme on PPOAccurate reporting according to standards.Hardware/Software orders on SRS system = 5 working day SLA.Coordinate issues, dependencies & risks across sub-projects.Ensure proper project completion according to administrative guidelines.Update PSAMC document and follow up on deliverables.Update and manage risks & issues on PPO.ImplementationEnsures the procurement of services for the projectCoordinates the workload of the resourcesEnsure the deliverables are tracked and that progress is reportedFacilitates the development of project plansFacilitates the operations of the various Steering CommitteesGovernanceFollow Shared Services and SPF processes.Coordinate execution of the project/programme in accordance with the methodology, governance & standards.Completion of templates within guidelines.COMPETENCYInfluencingMakes a strong, positive impression with personal authority. Uses appropriate interpersonal styles and appeals to reason, data, and facts and figures in order to gain acceptance of an idea or plan from internal and external stakeholders.CommunicationExpresses ideas and information in individual and group situations, adjusting language to meet the needs and characteristics of the audienceProblem-solvingThe ability to assess a situation and implement a workable solution in a timely and effective manner, once alternatives have been generated and assessed in terms of practicality and effectiveness.Building and Maintaining relationshipsBuilding and maintaining interpersonal relationships with a diverse internal and external group of people to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals.Innovative thinkingGenerates and recognises imaginative or creative ideas in work related situations.Results drivenPersevering with an individual task and seeing it through to its conclusion, by demonstrating prompt, sustained goal orientated acting even in the face of obstacles and in this way focuses on improving operation.AgilityQuick reaction to Clients needs. Quick reaction to Managers requests. Easy acceptance of any changes.
Cape Town, WC, ZA