Plasma Programmer

Nesting of Plates:Take the drawing and check whether what you import or draws matches the drawing before it is cut.Check the first actual plate that is cut on each nesting to make sure that it is correct. If the first one is wrong, the problem must first be resolved before cutting is continued.Plasma programmer to check stock on plates on request for quotation (RFQ) and give to Buyer.Receive cutting list from Contracts AdministratorCheck the priority of the contracts on the board.Cut the plates as required:Check sizes of plates available of particular thickness and grade.Nest required platesGive operator cutting list and make sure he uses the correct plate.Make sure that cutting lists are filled in correctly and given to Contracts Administrator.If the plasma is busy with a plate, ensure that the next plate is next to the plasma.Off cuts to be stored neatly according to grade and thickness in plate storage racks.Required:MatricSalary:CTC R25 - 30 depending on experience
Rustenburg, NW, ZA