Electrical Automation Technician

The Electrical Automation Technician will be responsible for installing, maintaining, and developing electrical, process control and automation hardware, software, processing machinery and interfaces to ensure maximum plant efficiency and throughput for food production.A National Diploma in Electrical/Automation Engineering is required, as well as 5 Years, hands-on process control/automation engineering experience. This position reports to the Senior Production Manager.Duties;Maintain PC/PLC equipment, peripherals, scale heads, etc. to ensure plant availability for controlled feed production;Develop, install and refine existing hardware installations to improve reliability and functionality;Maintain interfaces to ensure (98% availability for feed production;Maintain process control and automation software on PCs, PLCs, peripherals, etc. to ensure plant availability;Achieve batching accuracy on all products;Setup and record Variable speed drive setting on all batching augers;Setup and recording of Scale controller settings;Develop, install and refine existing software and control loops to improve functionality;Maintain back-ups of parameter settings applicable to VDSs, PLCs, HMIs etc.Draw up task clarifications of proposed projects involving changes to plant utilization and/or new equipment.Keep hardware firmware updated to latest version and revisionSkills:Adroit Scada and MAPS (Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite)Allan Bradley PLC Programming and fault findingAllan Bradley HMI Programming and fault findingMitsubishi PLC Programming and fault findingMitsubishi HMI Programming and fault findingDelta HMI Programming and fault findingSetting up and fine tuning PID loopsSQL Databases setup and designTemperature controllersScales and loadcellsEthernet IP Communication and setup of devices (HMIs, PLCs and SCADA PCs)
Cape Town, WC, ZA