2022_25 Data Architect

Role purpose:The data architect will be responsible for building, optimizing, and maintaining conceptual and logical data models to ingest and curate data from source systems into an Azure data lake. The models must comply with the governance and requirements of the Central Data Platform.The architect will have a key role to interface with business users to understand the data requirements and must further interface with the CDP data architecture and modelling teams to ensure unified data models.Key responsibilities:Develop Logical and physical data modelsConformance of data models to CDP enterprise data modelAdherence to data architecture standards.Adherence to data governance standards.Serve as an interface between business analysts and technical teams.Provide input to technical implementation documents for all levels of curation from Level 0 to Level 4.Assist with testing and validation of data ingestion pipelines.Qualifications:Degree in IT. Data modelling and architecture certifications will be preferable. Togaf certification is preferable.Experience required:Minimum 5 years in a data-centric environment working in either SQL Data-Warehousing , Analytics or as a dedicated Data-Modeller.Above average TSQL and SQL server skills.Logical , and Physical Data-Modelling Expertise.Experience with Forward and Reverse Engineering of Existing Databases.Good understanding of Star Schemas , Snowflake Schemas , and Kymbal Methodology.Skilled at formulating Dimensions , measures and attributes and building multi-dimensional models.Experienced with metadata-modelling.Experience with Data-Governance principles and Data-Cleansing.Experienced at key-formulation : primary keys , foreign-keys , alternate-keys ,surrogate-keys, indexes , delta-control.Experience of working with Data-Modelling tools.Some exposure to Cloud computing.Exposure to mining production and operations data would be beneficialBehavioural competencies required:Courage & Confidence Stands Firm Drive for Results Delivers Step Change Willingness to Learn - Systematically applies personal learning Emotional Stability Manages Emotions Conceptual Ability Clarifies the big picture Strategic Thinking Formulates business strategy Broad Scanning Researches the broader business context Business Acumen Maintains commerciality Visionary Leadership Demonstrates credible leadership Developing Others Creates long term development opportunities Strategic Influencing Uses complex and varied influencing tactics Versatility Adapt approach effectively within diverse environments Holding to Account Demand high performance Management & Control Ensures business integrity
Johannesburg, GT, ZA