Solaris - Linux And Unix System Admin - Jhb - Contract - Renewal

Primary skills: Solaris(10&11) ,RHEL (7&8), SUSE Linux ,VMWare * Should be Proficient in oracle 11g, 12c & 19c Database Installation & Administration on RHEL/AIX/Unix platforms. * Operating system installation, configuration and administering RHEL 7 & 8 on ESX hosts. * Creating, extending and Adding VG & LV dynamically etc. * Trouble shooting and Configuration of SUN server Hardware, CPU Utilization and disk space utilization. * Managing disk space using Logical Volume management. * File system management which includes increase the size, housekeep the space and troubleshoot the filesystems inconsistency errors. * supporting for RHEL Operating systems and VM Ware Virtual servers and Linux servers. * Management of users, groups, password policies, file/directory permissions, ownership and Lev2user creation depends on DBA and Application team requirements. * Deploying virtual servers using template. * Working on Incident Management issues. * Documentation and/or maintaining documents, processes for new tasks. * Coordination with other teams like the DBA team, Application team, and other support teams as applicable * Support and execution of change management, configuration management and release management. * Configuration and troubleshoot the alerts from various monitoring tools like Nagios & Dynatrace. * Decommission the Legacy servers as part of the EOL/EOS. * Patching the Linux servers from RHEL7.9 to RHEL8.4. * Fixing the application user issues like (crontab, net stat, Sendmail). * Migrating the servers SUSE Linux to RHEL. * Firmware upgrades on Solaris servers. * Patching the Solaris servers from Solaris 10 to Solaris 11. * NetBackup Knowledge required.
Johannesburg, GT, ZA