Regional Sales Representative

By clicking above you agree to the PNet Terms of Use .Read our full Data Protection Policy here .You may unsubscribe at any time from PNet emails and services.Reference: JHB-Njay-1An exciting opportunity for enthusiastic Regional Sales Representatives looking to advance their career in field sales and gain hands-on experience in a thriving and supportive workplace. Our client is a specialist mobile products and services distribution company, which provides effective acquisition, distribution, and management solutions through highly innovative digital tools. W ith this in mind dynamic team, this position is well suited to an individual that is young, vibrant, and has an eagerness to upskill themselves as this and gain hands-on experience in a thriving and supportive workplace.Duties & ResponsibilitiesJOB PURPOSE:The purpose of this position is to drive revenue growth, acquiring new sites asprescribed by the National Sales Manager in line with the overall businessacquisition strategy. To seek out profitable new customers for the Company,client retention, advertising, sales, and marketing strategy focusing on regionalsales and customer relationship management within the informal channel of theorganisation across the region.RESPONSIBILITIES:Identify New Business- Identify Business opportunities- Cold calling looking for new sites for Starter Pack Distribution- Make calls (by telephone or in-person) to allocated customers to develop new relationships- Responsible for new product sales and achieving set targets- Leverage both internal and external relationships to increase brand awareness- B2B (Business2Business) and B2C (Business2Consumer) cell phone starterpack distribution- Build and maintain relationships with new clientsCustomer Management- Ensure that your customer base is maintained on the master database- Leverage both internal and external relationships to increase brand awarenessand effective execution- Improve customer retention in the Independent Channels- Analyse monthly regional reports to identify opportunities and threats- Building and maintaining relationships with existing clients- Responding to inquiries in a professional and knowledgeablemanner- Train customers in product knowledge, Rica platforms, and mobile solutions- Ensure cellphone network relationships are managedInventory Management- Inventory control and balancing- Submit weekly & monthly inventory reports- Manage all allocated inventory(Gazebos, Speakers, Gig Rig)Operational Compliance- Ensure that the call diary is compiled and effectively and executed on a monthlybasis.- Coordinate and execute monthly/ quarterly/ and annual regional sales plans- Ensure effective best practice standards of merchandising are implementedand adhered to at all points of purchase channels- Ensure adherence to company policy, procedure, and relevant legislationSalesSell cellular products and services directly to customers while the following standardprotocols.Ensure achievement of regional sales targets within the Independent ChannelBEHAVIORAL COMPETENCIES:Customer FocusBuilds strong customer relationships and delivers customer-centric solutions.For example, digs deeply into customer feedback and drives the innovations thatcan enable the organization to better meet customers' future needs. Frequentlyadjusts approach to ensure customer needs are met and to improve service.Interpersonal SavvyRelates openly and comfortably with diverse groups of people. For example,recognizes even subtle social cues and nimbly responds to others' needs andpreferences. Helps to defuse difficult interpersonal situations by showing highlevels of tact, sensitivity, and consideration. Builds rapport with ease.Communicates EffectivelyDevelops and delivers multi-mode communications that convey a clearunderstanding of the unique needs of different audiences. For example, listensattentively and takes an interest. Keeps others well informed; conveysinformation clearly, concisely, and professionally when speaking or writing.Action OrientedTakes on new opportunities and tough challenges with a sense of urgency, highenergy, and enthusiasm. For example, identifying what needs to be done and actingquickly. Shows optimism and enthusiasm that affects others positively. Worksindependently, but knows when to ask for help.Instills TrustGains the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity, andauthenticity. For example, demonstrates integrity, upholding professional codesof conduct. Instills trust by following through on agreements and commitmentsdespite competing priorities and by being honest and straightforward.Being ResilientRebounds from setbacks and adversity when facing difficult situations. For example, is calm and professional in difficult situations; continues to work toward objectives. Overcomes obstacles without becoming discouraged; drawslessons from failures. Recovers from setbacks and adversity.Drives ResultsConsistently achieves results, even under tough circumstances. For example, devotes considerable effort to surpassing goals and achieving the best possible results; goes above and beyond to achieve excellence. Drives ahead with great focus when faced with obstacles and setbacks; maintains productivity and apositive attitude.TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES:Action PlanningWorks with guidance (but not constant supervision) to develop appropriate plans or perform necessary actions based on recommendations and requirements.Verbal CommunicationUses clear and effective verbal communications skills without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on expressing ideas, requesting actions, and formulating plans or policies.Sales Planning and CoordinationWorks without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on achieving the best possible returns by planning and coordinating effective sales campaigns and related initiatives.Account/Client ManagementWorks without supervision and provides technical guidance when required on managing client accounts in a way that provides benefits both for the organization and its clients.Computer SkillsSupports business processes without supervision by understanding and effectively using standard office equipment and standard software packages, while providing technical guidance as needed.Commercial AcumenApplies to understand the business environment and objectives to develop solutions without supervision, while also providing technical assistance when necessary.Data Collection and AnalysisWorks under guidance (but not constant supervision) to analyze data trends for use in reports to help guide decision-making.EDUCATION:Matric plus related diplomaEXPERIENCE:2 years or more Sales Experience- Must have Informal/Main market working experience in the industry- Starter Pack or Prepaid Distribution and Sales experience- A proven track record in sales- Willing to travel extensively- Drivers licenseTradam Transformation SolutionsDurban, South AfricaEnter your email and be the first to receive all the jobs that match your search criteriaBy clicking above you agree to the PNet Terms of Use .Read our full Data Protection Policy here .You may unsubscribe at any time from PNet emails and services.Tradam Transformation SolutionsStoring and/or retrieving information on a devicePersonalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product developmentAds and content can be personalised based on a profile. 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