Stock Admin/Receiving

Issuing requisitions timeously to the relevant staff for issuing stock to the factoryTransferring Stock RequisitionsTransfer stock to the respective warehouseEnsure balance on the requisition matches the system countInvestigate any discrepanciesInform buyer on stock being below minimum quantityBag Mo + Bag Production ReportEnsure the physical count matches the count on the systemRods MoMonthly Fabric ReportEnsure report is compiled on a daily basisOrdering of labelsEnsure stock holdings are kept to a minimumPlacing new orders are placed timeouslyCOUT Stock transfersTransfer all stock being sent outAssemble stock returnsAssemble COUT stock / return to RAW warehouse as required.Reconcile all Labour codes dailyReceiving ClerkExperience in receiving stock from supplier, checking stock is % in good order (Communication to the relevant people should there be any defects)Ensure each delivery received is accompanied with the relevant documentation, signed and receipted on the day of delivery
Durban, ZN, ZA