It Officer

CORE PURPOSE : To provide support to end users and to maintain, configure, install and troubleshoot the systems that are implemented and to ensure that all systems are functional in order for systems to be available to users.KEY PERFORMANCE AREASServers Receives a request from the IT Management in order to have a new system installed Implements servers such as branch servers, VIP Payroll servers, Windows servers, foreign exchange and SQL Servers depending on the technology requirement Maintains the servers/systems on a regular basis by monitoring the resources and ensuring that the systems are optimally functional by using windows tools and other third-party software Ensures minimum downtime when troubleshooting is conducted in the event of server failure Contacts external service providers for business critical systems should maintenance/troubleshooting be required Ensures that patch management is conducted efficiently on all systems Ensures that antivirus software is installed and up to date on all servers and in the event of a virus infection, ensures that the server is efficiently disinfected Ensures the proactive monitoring of system resources such as disk space, memory, etc Monitors and maintains systems logs by logging into the system and attending to system logsBackups Ensures full backup of all systems on a daily basis at all branches and head office as per the Server Policy backup document only in the absence of the other Network Technician Ensures that backups are successfully completed in the event of a backup failure Takes the necessary steps in the event of backup failure by reviewing the backup logs Saves the backup logs on a regular basis to the backup log directory on the Network Drive Verifies the integrity of the backup by restoring files from the backup that has been conducted Ensures that the restore logs are also saved on the logs directory on the network drive Sends the backup tapes to an offsite storage site Internal Network Security Ensures that antivirus software is installed and has the latest virus definitions on all computers on the network Monitors logs for any virus activity and ensures that this is efficiently removed from the network, this also includes tracking of the sources of the virus Ensures that all computers comply to the latest virus definitions available Researches any new security threats or potential security threats and acts on this as soon as possible so it has minimal impact on the network Ensures that patch management is conducted and ensures that all PCS are free from any vulnerabilities, this is done through the windows patch management server Ensures that all network points within branches and head office are operational by physicallychecking the points Protects the banks data by enforcing IT policies that do not allow users to transfer data by using devices that will corrupt the network Conducts regular scans of users PCs ensuring that there are no virusesAudio Visual Ensures that the video conference facility is operational all the time with minimal downtime Makes purchases for the visual equipment that is required Checks to ensure that the audio (mike) system is operational for users Liaises with third parties in order to enhance current setup of the audio and visual devices/equipmentMonitoring of the Network Monitors the network for continuous connectivity for all branches to the head office Contacts external service provider in the event of network failure and ensures that faults are reported and resolved timeously Investigates network faults relating to speed and finds a resolution to data that is slowing the network down by contacting relevant usersEnd-User Support Assists PC Technician with the installation of computers and laptops Grants user access relating to different systems and applications as indicate on the user access forms Assists users in any queries or issues as received via the IT Helpdesk Installs software as required by end users Assists users with the mobile devices and ensures that users emails are setup and configured to their mobile devices as per user access forms Attends to users crashed emails by following the necessary to recover the mailSoftware License Management Ensures that different software licences are registered and activated with the licence vendor Ensures licence compliancy in any new system implementation as per the banks software licence policy Ensures prompt renewal of software licences on an annual basis Generates licence usage reports from the licence vendors websites on a regular basis Ensures that the licences are filed and stored correctly for ease of reference.Purchasing Assesses IT requisition forms received from departments/branches Contacts the user to verify user needs and also ensures that the department has budgeted for the request prior to processing of order Obtains 3 quotations from Suppliers for the cheapest quote and forwards to the IT Helpdesk for preparation of the order note Contacts the supplier and advises the supplier of the date that the equipment is required in order for the supplier to deliver on time Tags the equipment once received and allocates to the correct user.General Assists in the entire Disaster Recovery process for the bank Ensures that all IT Equipment is physically secured with security tools in all departments and branches Assists with special projects such as ATM installation, project relocation, branch upgrades, etc Assists the IT Helpdesk with call logging, user access forms the absence of the IT Helpdesk Operator Provides expertise on various Information Technology matters as and when requiredPREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS A+ N+ MCSE Any other Information Technology related technical qualification would be an added advantagePREFERRED EXPERIENCE A minimum of 1-2 years experience in the technical aspect of Information Technology
Durban, ZN, ZA