Quality Management Systems Lead - Healthcare

Job Title: Quality Management Systems Lead - Private Hospital GroupReporting to the General Manager SHEQSummary:The key purpose of the QMS Lead role will be to provide strategic direction to all hospital group divisions on quality management systems and to facilitate the implementation of the QMS strategy in all hospital group divisions.This will include the following key outcomes:Continual development and improvement of the Group QMS to meet internal and external quality management requirements.Establishing the internal and external quality assurance process in consultation with all stakeholders and implementing the agreed processes.Building management and organisational capacity to implement the QMS in all divisions.Continue the digitisation of the QMS and develop QMS reporting and dashboard that will ensure data driven QMS decision making in all divisions.Analysing QMS data to identified opportunities for improvement across the Group.Liaise with external stakeholders which includes the ISO certification body, OHSC, HASA subcommittees and DOH.Key work output and accountabilities:Group Quality Management SystemsProvide strategic direction and leadership on the Group QMS approach and methodology.Review current practices in the Group and implement continual improvement to ensure compliance to internal and external requirements.Align Group QMS practices to ISO - standard, OHSC private hospital inspection tools and legal requirements.Design and implement the internal quality assurance practices on an annual basis. This includes liaising with all divisions and departments to update quality review tools, digitising tools on SafeCyte and conducting training for stakeholders and reviewers.Coordinate the external quality assurance process, which includes determining sample facilities and agreeing the audit schedule with BSI and divisions.Review all audit non-conformances on an annual basis and I direct specific national improvement initiatives to address common non-conformances throughout the group.Develop and implement QMS training for each division in the group.Coach and mentor line managers to achieve the required quality outcomes and standards.Establish annual QMS measures, incorporate the relevant measures in the CoC balanced scorecard.Measure achievement of the outcomes while addressing any areas of none-achievement.Establish and implement quality improvement methodology throughout the Group.Design and implement a QMS for any newly established businesses or acquisitions within the Group aligned to internal and external requirements which will result in ISO certification.Liaison and coordination (Internal and External)Liaise with all divisional managing directors to establish and agree QMS focus areas.Conduct regular QMS review meetings with divisional management teams and divisional QMS resources to monitor progress with QMS is focused areas.Assist with implementing corrective actions in cases where objectives are not met.Agree and mange priorities and specific assistance to be provided by SHEQ regional managers.Participate in external forums as a company QMS representative. These forums can include but are not limited to the Department of Health, HASA, and The Office of Health Standard Compliance.Liaise with functional and department heads e.g., nursing, pharmacy, technical, emergency department and HR regarding quality assurance and the management of identified non-conformances.Manage the relationship and service provision of external service providers e.g., BSI, SafeCyte, training providers etc.Digitisation and IT systemsTake accountability for the digitisation of all QMS process on SafeCyte and related IT systems.Review the functioning of SafeCyte and identify possible enhancements and additional functionality required on the system.Participate in the SHEQ digitisation strategy and ensure the alignment of all QMS digitisation practices.Take accountability for the development, implementation and sustaining the quality incident management system.Reporting and factual decision-makingEstablish relevant and measurable QMS outcomes for each division.Ensure inclusion of QMS outcomes in all divisional scorecards.Ensure the availability and accuracy of data required to measure divisional and group QMS outcomes.Establish and maintain divisional and group QMS dashboards and reports and monitor the achievement of the outcomes included on both.Address any areas of non-performance to agreed QMS outcomes and implement required quality improvement interventions.Contribute to the monthly SHEQ report as well as periodic reporting to the COC Board Sub-committee.Setting standards and practicesEstablish standard QMS practices and related standards for the Group in line internal and external requirements.Documenting and maintaining Policies, SOPs and related documentation for the group which supports the standard practices.Implementing the SOPs in the Group.Ensuring compliance to QMS SOPs in the Group.Build and maintain Internal and stakeholder relationshipsDevelop and establish professional and collaborative relationships with all line managers and heads of departments within the organisation.Work effectively and co-operatively with others to establish and maintain good working relationships that are mutually beneficial.Maintain and encourage effective communication and consultation within the SHEQ functions, other members of the multi-disciplinary teams and external parties/stakeholders.Influence management decision making to consider QMS implications. Must be able to influence others to ensure successful execution of tasks and projects relating to QMS.Support and motivate management to provide QMS leadership and to give appropriate priority to QMS in relation to other business objectives.Engage with managers at all levels in the organization to develop their responsibility and leadership in QMS.Work closely with the Lead OHS, Lead IWM, Line Managers and HODs to guide them in QMS priorities and practices.Engage with stakeholders and others to promote innovation in managing QMS.Communicate and liaise with other business partners, QMS regulators and other external bodies on behalf of the organization.Personal and professional developmentActive involvement in own professional development to maintain a satisfactory level of skill and knowledge. Ensure currency of own QMS conceptual understanding, industry practice and technical knowledge.Keep up to date with the companies evolving SHEQ Management Systems, policies and procedures.Promote and comply with laws and regulations governing professional practice of QMS and related activities.Operate with a level of autonomy to conceptualize, plan, implement and evaluate QMS strategy and management processes.Skills profile:Education: Degree in Nursing or Management Degree (NQF 6/7 qualification) , Post graduate degree or diploma in management practices, Vocational training related to ISO implementation, internal auditor, quality improvement techniques/methodology and non-conformance management.Experience: 7 to 10 years experience in a QMS role, Strong leadership, and interpersonal skills with the ability to influence others, Experience in QMS Lead/Management is essential, Experience in Health Care industry is preferred, Project Management experience will be advantageous.Knowledge: Intermediate to advanced computer proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite, Knowledge of ISO , Excellent understanding QMS practices in healthcare, Excellent communication skills (written and verbal), Comprehensive Understanding of quality assurance, Training and facilitation skills, Project Management.How to apply:
Johannesburg, GT, ZA