Political Risk & Data Analysis Intern

Analyst Internship for International Relations & Political Science Postgraduates 3-Months Paid Internship, R6,/Month, Fully Remote Role, Must be Based in South Africa, Tentative Start Date Early May We work at VoxCroft because we believe in making a real difference in the world, providing decision-makers with the right information when it matters most. From tracking terrorist movements in Mozambique, alerting on ethnic violence during Ethiopian elections, or helping NGOs understand the plight of migrants in Somalia, our clients trust us to produce the highest quality intelligence made possible by our interdisciplinary team, which combines the best in machine learning, tradecraft, and operational efficacy to punch far above our weight on the world stage. Internship Information Interns will be expected to work under the guidance of trained VoxCroft analysts and data scientists to produce novel and insightful products to help decision-makers better understand their world. Requirements for the Role Currently enrolled in postgraduate studies in political science, international relations, or a related fieldHave your own computerStable, fast internetRemote, based in South Africa Internship Objectives Hands-on Intelligence Tradecraft Interns will write and deliver intelligence products to corporate clients in Africa and beyond. Senior intelligence risk analysts will advise interns on formatting, style, and substance. Incident and Warning Function Interns will have an opportunity to get involved in the monitoring and alerting side of our business and gain hands-on experience providing operational security to large organizations in Africa through our Arrow intelligence platform. Global Collaboration Innovation is rarely an "aha!" moment. It's a messy process that requires debate, critical thinking, risk-taking, failure, and fun! Our company ethos and identity is built on inclusiveness and multidisciplinary collaboration. Together, interns collaborate on existing projects, such as machine translation for low resource languages, and a new product that uses AI and data science to assess state fragility. The goal here is to enjoy the experience of exploring new possible solutions for hard questions with a diverse team. Career Coaching and Mentoring VoxCroft is a multidisciplinary team with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. Our team members have worked for the U.S. Government, the UN, and several NGOs. Our AI and data team has consulted for Google, Airbnb, and numerous other corporations. We are well connected to Washington, D.C. think-tanks and many academic institutions, and we wish to offer up career advice and networking opportunities to facilitate the interns' career growth. Further, we aim to teach interns the essentials of intelligence analysis and tradecraft the same approach used to deliver insights to the President of the United States. Learn to Lead Good companies and good leaders recognize that great solutions can come from anywhere. Indeed, tackling complex issues such as global hunger and violent extremism needs fresh ideas and perspectives. We will hold special sessions for the interns to understand their unique leadership traits and help them amplify ideas, no matter what role they have in the company. We will also give the interns insights into how we run and manage our global teams a leadership skill that is applicable in any industry. Why Work for VoxCroft? VoxCroft's innovation and commercial success is rooted in its people. We firmly believe that we must attract, inspire, and grow the world's finest team of innovators, leaders, and collaborators in order to thrive and solve complex global challenges. Indeed, true innovation comes only from the interaction between people, and we have an insatiable drive to catalyze your professional growth with the market's most rewarding and inspiring work environment. VoxCroft understands financial incentives alone are not enough to retain top talent. Although we offer competitive salary and benefits, we satisfy your intrinsic desire for greater autonomy, mastery, and purpose in the workplace. VoxCroft employees are trusted and challenged to push the envelope, and drive and lead wherever they are in the organization. From day one, you will be empowered with great responsibility, and encouraged to propose new business concepts and participate in product design sprints all without needing to conform to archaic corporate workplace rules, dress codes, and schedules. Bring your skills, bring your strengths, and we conform to you! At VoxCroft, there is no limit to your career potential. Our employees desire a work environment where they can truly master their role, skillset, and career aspirations. We provide advanced tools and training, and encourage staff to take on stretch opportunities to acquire new skills and broaden their leadership and management acumen. The global nature of our business and clientele also affords inspiring opportunities to travel and collaborate with linguists and cultural experts around the world. In short, VoxCroft is a place that never stops learning! Finally, the VoxCroft team is guided by a deep sense of purpose. Our staff believe VoxCroft is a part of something more important and we have an ethical duty to leverage emerging technology for the betterment of humanity. We choose our clients wisely and partner with businesses that have immense potential to keep people safe, protect communities, and solve global challenges. We also seek to make a positive difference in our communities with robust corporate social responsibility and paid time off for volunteering.
Cape Town, WC, ZA