Call Centre It Networking Manager

Trigger is a leading, global South African headquartered company in the business services and technology-enabled space. It has achieved significant success, growth, and competitive differentiation through its client experience. Trigger employees have the very best of training, technology, and career advancement. The Company operates on a Hybrid and Flexible work model work from our offices and/or virtual work from home. Following our Business's recent expansion, a career opportunity has become available for a* Call Centre IT Networkking Manager *across the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) portfolios. The Call Centre IT Networking Manager is responsible for Ensuring efficient IT LAN & WAN infrastructure is running at an optimal level accross the call centre.End-user support * Oversee and assist with the answering of technical queries by end-users. * Oversee and assist with the installation, setup and deployment networked computers and printers etc. by applying correct best practices, company standards, practices and policies. * Oversee and ensure that PC virus software is up to date and functions properly. * Ensure to correctly configure client software on servers in a client-server environment and maintain operational effectiveness. * Ensure to provide sound advice and assist users in applying company standards, usage of PCs and application software. * Ensure efficient telephone hardware support to employees. * Ensure that all users are issued with an email an address where required. * Respond to all logged service calls (Tickets) Effective client support * Oversee, and maintain all Spiceworks Tickets. * Oversee and ensure that all tickets are followed-up on until resolution. * Ensure that all requests repair service or any work orders for repair work gets actioned cost effectively. * Ensure that there is no unnecessary delayed demand for service, and quick follow-up takes place. * Ensure to provide necessary service feedback and reports as required to the line manager. * Ensure to keep records of services rendered - quotes must be signed off and filed away. * Ensure to prepare trend analysis reports and feedback to management as and when requested. * Repairing or replacing damaged hardware to your line manager. * Ensure to upgrade the IT system to enable compatible software on all computers. * Ensuring parity between dev, test and production environments. * Ensure that users are trained on all systems and software where required. Raise change requests * Ensure that only approved changes can take place with only approved orders for procurements are placed. * Ensure to reconcile completed work orders/tickets daily. Communication with users * Ensure that end-users are always up to date on the progress of work or outstanding issues by the support team. * Ensure that regular progress meetings are held with the support team. * Ensure that monthly performance meetings with team members are held. * Ensure to manage the support team effectively. * Ensure that any unfinished or extra work undertaken is accounted for. * Ensure that quotes are captured daily, remittances balance and that all invoices are captured correctly. * Ensure to keep in parlance with users requests and services rendered. * Ensure to report future IT needs to management Maintenance of LAN & WAN infrastructure * Ensure that LAN and WAN infrastructure and equipment is functioning at its optimum. * Ensure that the due date file is reviewed and consulted daily to timeous scheduling of firmware updates. * Ensure users can at all times connect to a server and internet resources. * Ensuring that the network infrastructure is up and running. Server Administration * Analysing system logs and identifying potential issues with computer systems. * Ensure that Server errors are attended timeously to reduce downtime to a minimum. * Ensure that servers are functioning at optimal levels and efficient operation of server roles. * Ensure contingency in the event of a system failure and to minimise MTR. * Ensure security through access controls, backups and firewalls * Plan for disaster and recovery. Ant-virus software. * Oversee and ensure consistent, effective anti-virus protection on all users pcs * Ensure for information protection on servers and all user computers. Maintaining the room area * Ensure to maintain a safe and clean server environment * Ensure effective housekeeping for efficient operations. Office administration * Oversee and ensure retention of service requests, tickets, quotes, work orders, asset registers and personnel records in files. * Draft and implement Standard Operational Procedures for the efficient running of the IT Department. Procurement and vendor management * Ensure to contain cost and expenditures if so required * Ensure to obtain value-added services at the best price and warranty where expected to. Miscellaneous * Assist with any reasonable and lawful duty assigned by you by management. * Ensure to maintain and consistently demonstrate a general knowledge of company guidelines, processes, practices and procedures. * Ensure always to live the company values. * Matric/Grade 12 * A+ or similar hardware repairs qualification * Network +, N+ or related network certificate qualification * MCSE, Azure, O, FortiGate, AWS, Linux, VOIP, Vicidial, FTP/SFTP, SMTP, AQL * Min. 8 years of server desktop and networking support experience Highly Competative Basic Salary * Matric/Grade 12 * A+ or similar hardware repairs qualification * Network +, N+ or related network certificate qualification * MCSE, Azure, O, FortiGate, AWS, Linux, VOIP, Vicidial, FTP/SFTP, SMTP, AQL * Min. 8 years of server desktop and networking support experience
Johannesburg, GT, ZA