Area/Location: RoodepoortRequirements:Matric.Responsibilities:Acknowledge visitors and clients immediately by smiling, making direct eye contact, standing up and greeting them in friendly and professional way, making them feel welcome and comfortable.Make every client and pet feel cared for and special.Assist clients by holding doors, helping them with rambunctious pets or children and carrying things when needed.Assist clients with unruly or unrestrained pets. Ensure that all dogs are leashed and that cats and smaller pets are caged. Isolate aggressive pets. Request assistance as needed.Be able to communicate and enforce the Practices payment policies.Listen actively and convey concern, empathy and compassion to clients.Be patient, polite and compassionate with a client who is emotional or discourteous.Be familiar with responses for client complaints or comments regarding their bill or service. Immediately remove loudly complaining or angry clients to a private area where they may speak with the practice manager or doctor.Recognise the limits of your knowledge. If you are not absolutely confident that you know the answer to a clients question, do not answer it. Ask another staff member for help.Maintain the waiting room and retail areas to professional standards.Monitor floors for dirt, urine etc and call for assistance when necessary.Handle telephone and counter calls from clients, staff and the public in a prompt and courteous manner; redirect calls and/or clients as necessary; be able to assess and deal with urgent matters appropriately.Answer telephone and counter enquiries knowledgeably and seek advice if unsure.Ensure Doctors are notified if clients are waiting for longer than 10 minutes or if an urgent patient is presented. If possible inform clients if a wait is anticipated, apologise on behalf of the doctor.Be sensitive to client needs at all times, including monitoring waiting times, consoling grieving clients, handle any client complaints sensitively by enquiring about the reasons for perceived dissatisfaction and attempting to remedy these if possible or seek further assistance.Be sensitive to staff needs at all times including a supportive and friendly atmosphere for veterinary and nursing staff.Ensure reception area is secured and locked and ensure that all heaters, air cons etc are turned off and that the answering machine is on and recording correctly before departure at the end of the day.Ensure all windows are closed.Ensure you are at work and ready at least 15 minutes before the start of your shift.Use and encourage the appointment system and notify walk-ins should there be a wait while booked appointments are seen.Telephones:Answer calls promptly (within 3 rings) in a courteous and friendly manner. NB: Please pay attention to the beeping of the second line.If a call must be placed on hold, ask for the callers permission: "Would you mind holding, please?"Callers should not be left on hold without checking back with them for more than a minute.Smile while answering and talking on the phone to enhance the friendly quality of you voice.Use the caller and pets name in a conversation to personalise the interaction.Pass on messages accurately and promptly and ensure they are recorded on the RX Works message system.When taking messages or putting calls through ensure you have the persons name and the reason for the call.Accounts and Monies:Receive money for sales of merchandise.Receive money for payment of accounts.No IOUs.Ensure your float balances at the start and end of your shift.Ensure that your cash-up is correct, balanced and sealed in an envelope with all monies given out for cards, purchases etc written on envelope.Ensure adequate change is put into drawer at beginning of shift and that change bag balances to R2,.00. If there is a shortage of change, notify the practice manager at the start of your shift.Ensure all accounts are paid and do not allow credit unless previously authorised.Administration:Ensure that all client and patient details are captured correctly onto the RX Works system and ensure that all client details are correct and up-to-date including:At least 2 contact numbers (preferably 1 landline number).Residential and postal addresses must have postal codes.Accurate email addresses.ID numbers are of vital importance.When queuing patients, the following must always be recorded:The reason for visit.If they want to see a specific doctor, then the doctors name.NB: If there are lots of clients waiting for one doctor and others are available, enquire if the clients would mind seeing one of the available doctors or alternatively explain that there is a wait expected.The weight of the animal (NB for dogs).Sales:Provide clients with merchandising that the doctors or nurses have left in the reception area for them.Provide a knowledgeable service in the sale of foods, pet products etc. (material is available to expand your knowledge of the various food products and ranges).Display merchandise effectively.Stock take as required.Ensure that shelves are always well stocked and neat and tidy at all times.Be prepared to attend courses etc.Allotted Tasks:Any other reasonable duties as requested by the doctors, nurses or practice manager.Code of Conduct for Receptionists:You are expected to wear a uniform.You are expected to take reasonable care of the above-mentioned clothing that the employer has provided for you.To ensure that while on duty you are always neat, tidy and presentable.You are expected to obey all lawful and reasonable instructions given to you by senior staff members.You are to treat all owners and patients in a humane and compassionate manner.You are to ensure that your personal hygiene and presentation is good.Personal Attributes:The candidate must be:Even-headed.Mature.Ale to handle stress, difficult clients and stressful situations.
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