Juvenile Program Worker

Class Definition GENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES: To provide for the custody, supervision and security of youth detained in the Rhode Island Training School for Youths, including assisting in the rehabilitation, education, treatment, care and control of these residents and to do related work as required.SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the supervision of a superior, who makes assignments and gives instruction; work is reviewed in process and upon completion through consultation and written reports for results obtained and for conformance to the institution's objectives, policies, instructions, directives, Court orders, accreditation objectives and standards, and rules and regulations.SUPERVISION EXERCISED: As required, supervises the work of staff assigned to assist. Illustrative Examples of Work Performed To provide for the custody, supervision and security of youth detained in the Rhode Island Training School for Youths, including assisting in the rehabilitation, education, treatment, care and control of these residents and to do related work as required.To interview residents when appropriate in order to evaluate and assess each residents' individual treatment needs and risks levels in the areas of development and rehabilitation.To participate in the clinical assessment of residents' treatment plans relative to behavior and social capacities.To be responsible for the maintenance of discipline and order and to enforce compliance of rules and regulations regarding security.To observe and evaluate the conduct of residents and to identify irregular behavioral patterns for the prevention of crises situations resulting in disorder or disturbances.To supervise youths, both on and off grounds, to assure that discipline and order are maintained as well as providing general supervision at mealtimes.To assist in the supervision of delinquent youth engaged in various work programs, education projects and recreational programs.To make scheduled and unscheduled resident counts and prepare reports on their behavior to superiors.To take prompt and decisive action in cases of emergency, such as escape or riot.To assist in the supervision and instruction of youths engaged in various work programs within the facility involving such activities as laundry work, sewing, kitchen duties, building maintenance, grounds maintenance, or other similar or comparable activities designed to foster responsibility, self-reliance, character development, and release back into the community.To instruct youths regarding the policies, rules and regulations of a youth correctional institution and to see that they are obeyed.To transport youths to school and other activities on or off grounds and ensure that proper security is maintained.To operate devices for locking and unlocking security doors, cells and close custody facilities and to be accountable for all keys used for these purposes.To make regular inspections of the youths' living quarters to insure that they are in conformance with all applicable standards.To provide guidance and direction in areas of resident judgement, discipline, and cleanliness to foster positive behavior.To exercise constant vigilance for unusual activities or movements of individuals or groups indicative of attempted escape, riot, strike or minor irregularities and to report same to a superior.To keep records and make reports.To do related work as required. Required Qualifications for Appointment KNOWLEDGES, SKILLS AND CAPACITIES: A thorough knowledge of methods and procedures involved in the care, custody, security and control of delinquent and/or wayward youths; a working knowledge of the principles of the juvenile justice system; the ability to assist in carrying out rehabilitation and education programs for delinquent youths as well as assisting in the development of their social capacities; the ability to supervise the daily activities of youths and to generally maintain discipline; the ability to explain the policies, objectives, rules and regulations of the institution to youths and to see that they are obeyed; the ability to keep records and submit reports to superiors; the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with superiors and fellow workers and well as to gain the confidence and trust of the youths; a thorough knowledge of the Rhode Island Training School for Youth policies, procedures and goals; and related capacities and abilities.EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:Education: Such as may have been gained through: Possession of an Associates Degree with preferred specialization in a Behavioral Science, or in Social Work; andExperience: Such as may have gained through: employment in a responsible position in a clinical or correctional treatment facility.SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:At the time of appointment must be capable of performing (with or without reasonable accommodation) the essential duties as evidenced by a physician's certificate and must continue to be qualified to perform assigned duties through employment. Must have successfully completed and graduated from Department of Children,Youth and Families Juvenile Correction Pre-Service Training Program. In accordance with RIGL 42-28.3-1 no person shall be appointed temporary, probationary, or permanent until they shall have been evaluated and tested by a certified psychologist and receive a satisfactory rating which shall be in writing.
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