Video Production Editor

*Reference: JHB-Gen-1**VIDEO PRODUCTION EDITORJob summary*Our client is looking to hire a Video Production Editor. The successful incumbent will be responsible for reviewing audio and visual footage and using computer software to organize clips into a cohesive unit. Their duties include splitting or combining video clips, adding appropriate sounds or graphics, and watching the finished product to catch mistakes before submitting it to their manager for review.*Essential duties and responsibilities*The successful candidate should be able to:The successful incumbent will be tasked with taking the raw footage shot by a film crew and director and turning it into the final product. This means following an outline, script or shot list and assembling the footage into one cohesive video or film. Often in video and film work, there are many camera angles and takes recorded. It is the responsibility of the Video Production Editor to review all the footage and create the best output by cutting and connecting various footage, adding sound effects and graphics and fine-tuning the completed video or film. * Assembling raw footage and transferring or uploading to a computer * Following a script, screenplay or outline * Inputting sound to enhance footage, which may include selecting music and writing voice-overs * Inputting graphics to enhance footage * Digitally splicing film and video and synchronizing them into one rough cut file * Improving and correcting lighting, colouring and faulty footage * Working closely with managers to present a final product that matches his or her vision *Minimum qualifications:** *Bachelors degree or diploma in a relevant fieldMinimum 3 years working experience* **Key qualities: ** * * Ability to work with Adobe Suite * Can communicate clearly with clients and understand their goals * Strong command of the English language * Positive attitude * Good attention to detail * Able to work under pressure * Excellent communicator * Self-starter * Professional, quick, and accurate * Able to work well within a team environment * Training in multimedia and communications helpful * Proficiency in editing software programs * General understanding of computers and digital equipment and knowledge of technology Ability to take and follow direction, while also having a creative eye for improvementsR
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