Interested in becoming a Recruitment Consultant? We can help

Are you thinking about making a career move into the recruitment industry but dont know where to start?

Are you looking at the 100s of Trainee Recruitment Consultant job adverts thinking, which company would suit me best?

Are you confused about which are the best and most lucrative recruitment sectors to get involved with in 2022?

If the answer is yes, apply for this role today and Sharkfin Consulting will be in touch with the answers to all your questions!

Who are Sharkfin Consulting and how can we help?

Sharkfin Consulting are a leading Rec2Rec Consultancy. What is Rec2Rec, I hear you ask? Well, in simple terms, its Recruitment to Recruitment. We partner with leading and fast-growing recruitment agencies across London who come to us with their headcount requirements. Yes, even recruitment agencies use recruitment agencies to recruit their staff. Its a bit like recruitment inception!

We conduct interviews with aspiring trainee recruitment consultants over the phone and via video calls to assess their suitability for a career within recruitment.

If we feel you have what it takes, we will take the time to get to know you personally and present you with options for agencies in London we feel would be best for you to join, based on your personal preferences.

We will then do all the hard work for you and set you up with interviews, as well as giving you tons of helpful hints and tips to give you the best possible chance of securing your dream recruitment role!

In 2021, Sharkfin Consulting helped over 100 Trainee Recruitment Consultants move into their perfect position! From your initial application to securing job offers, the entire process typically takes us just 4-7 days! So if you are interested in making the move, you could have your ideal job offer next week!

Which agencies do we work with?

We partner purely with White Collar, Senior Level Recruitment Agencies, who specialise in recruiting across a number of different sectors, including;

  • Tech
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals & life science

Why do we specialise in these sectors?

Firstly, they enable trainee recruitment consultants to build a fantastic career, building relationships with senior level stakeholders across some of the most exciting and forward-thinking industries in the world!

Secondly, the earning potential for Recruitment Consultants in these sectors is mesmerising Who wouldnt want that!?

How do you actually make money in Recruitment?

Ok, so we hear this question all the time. Recruitment sounds amazing, but how do I actually make money?. Well, heres your answer:

Within Recruitment, you get a basic salary of between £20,000 £24,000 and you earn commission on any placements you make. Basic salaries and commission vary with each company, so we can advise you on all the details.

What is a placement I hear you ask?

A placement is when you have sourced, interviewed, represented and secured a candidate on behalf of your client and your candidate decides to join their business. Once they join, your client will pay the recruitment agency a finders fee for providing your service.

How much is the finders fee?

Fees very depending on each company, but the standard fee model is 20% of the candidates overall salary. So if the candidate you place with your client is on a salary of £50,000, your agency will be paid a 20% fee, so £10,000.

You as the Recruitment Consultant who made the placement, get to keep commission on the fee you earned. Commission structures vary with each agency, but its typically between 15-30%. So lets take an average of 20%, you will take home £2000 in commission for making that one placement! Lovely stuff.

As a trainee, you should average between 1-2 placements per month as you get started, but once you get good, you will be making 3-4 placements per month. When you get REALLY GOOD, you will be making 8+ placements per month! So think how those commission cheques can rack up.

What do you need to become a great Recruitment Consultant?

There is no set criteria to become a Recruitment Consultant. People join the industry from all walks of life! Its all down to your personality, drive and aspirations.

However, the most successful Recruitment Consultants all tend to have the following core competencies;

  • Highly Organised
  • Great communicator
  • Structured
  • Well educated (Degree isnt essential)
  • Natural sales fair
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Driven by potential earnings
  • Competitive
  • Resilient
  • Sociable

If you feel you have what it takes, apply for the role today and Sharkfin Consulting will give you a call for a friendly chat! What do you have to lose?