Recruitment Associate

Ever considered a career in recruitment? Want to know why you should?
A career in recruitment can provide you with a lot of valuable things, such as:
  • Personal development - your confidence will soar, your network will grow, and your career will progress quickly
  • Stability - recruitment as an industry isn't going anywhere anytime soon (in fact, it's growing massively), so you'll be able to have a steady career
  • Money - not only does recruitment offer you a competitive basic salary, but on top of this, you'll receive a percentage of every deal you make! In your first year you can expect to make around £40,000ON TOPof your base.
  • Great working relationships - recruitment is a sociable, people-driven business and typically you can expect team nights out, holiday incentives, lunch clubs and much more!

We work in some of the most lucrative sectors in the industry, partnering with several of the leading recruitment agencies in tech and life sciences. All of our clients offer:
  • Uncapped commission
  • Personal development, training and career progression
  • Exposure to and interaction with top-billers in their businesses

If you're sociable, money-motivated and keen to grow your career in one of the fastest-moving industries out there, apply today and we'll give you a call!