Recruitment Consultant - The highest commission on the market

Before reading this, we can guarantee you one thing - this is very different to all the other Recruitment Consultant adverts out there.

This is also not an employment opportunity; however, youve most likely discovered this job advert because youre frustrated with your current working situation.

It may be the long hours, the poor commission structure, a forced return to the office, crazy KPIs, a toxic corporate environment, or a lack of career progression, opportunity, and flexibility. It may be that it just doesnt fit your way of life anymore.

You wouldnt be the first person to wonder, Is there another way?

A way that allows you to continue to do what you do best, whilst offering you the autonomy, lifestyle, freedom, and uncapped earning potential to live the life you deserve.

Whats the solution?

We offer an alternative way of working for recruiters who have more time, balance, and financial freedom in their lives.

Picture this.

Last year, you had your best year yet, climbing the ranks within the Top Billers club, billing £220,000. Your salaried take home was £46k, after-tax. Not bad, eh?

This year, its been tough. Fast forward to the end of this year, however, and you managed to match last years billing figures but this year, your [net] take-home was £115,000.

Generous boss?

Did your commission structure suddenly become fair?

What changed?

You took advantage of being part of a supportive network of independent recruiters, harnessing the power of 300+ billings consultants.

Our goal is to help you maximise your income, on your own terms.

To find out how you can be earning at least x2.5 more than you currently are if you bill then apply here with your CV or get in touch with us, SSG Recruitment Partnerships.