Support Worker


£11.00 per hour weekends £11.50

SERVICE USER GROUP: Providing care for elderly and disabled adults.

We are offering a collection service to and from care homes

MEASUREMENTS: Quality of care provided.

PURPOSE OF POST: To work as part of a team providing high quality care and support to

Service Users to remain independent in the care homes.

MAIN RESPONSIBLITIES: To assist Service Users with activities of daily living as per

assessment and care plan completed by the Specialist Manager.

Duties are varied and personalised to the Service Users needs such as:

The member of staff would be expected to:

? Preserve independence & dignity of Services Users as much as possible.

? Report any changes/issues concern.

Support Worker Job Purpose To work with the people that you are paid to support to enable them to lead as independent and fulfilling lives as possible. This job description lists the main areas in which you will be expected to provide support. We may need to add more specific tasks to this based on the needs and wishes of the people you support. This supports their right to have control over their own lives.

Main Duties and Responsibilities To support the person(s) that you are paid to support: - to live the life they want to lead, make decisions, have as many choices about their lives as possible and be supported to take appropriate risks. - to make each day the best it can possibly be. - to maintain their existing skills and develop new ones. - to access facilities in the local community and take part in activities outside of their home. - to look after their home, cooking, shopping, keeping it clean, tidy and safe. - to look after their health and take any medication. - with personal care (e.g. washing, bathing, shaving, going to the toilet) when required - to achieve their ambitions as set out in their support plans. - to assist with the management of their finances. You will be expected to: - treat the person(s) that you are paid to always support with dignity and respect, - be aware of, and follow the procedure for, reporting any safeguarding concerns or incidents. - keep accurate records. - attend training. - attend team meetings and supervision. - ensure the health, safety and welfare of the

people you support and your colleagues. - work as part of a team and to support colleagues to do their jobs. - work with other people as required including attending meetings (either internally or externally). - drive car/people carrier, if you are qualified to do so. - undertake any other appropriate duties as required by the person(s) that you are paid to support or management and that are appropriate to your grade. - perform all duties in accordance with the organisations policies and procedures.

Person Specification:

Support Worker This person specification lists the essential and desirable characteristics necessary for you to perform the job. We may need to add more specific tasks to this based on the needs and wishes of the people you support. This supports their right to have control over their own lives. Essential Requirements - Enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards supporting people with learning disabilities/ physical disabilities/mental health issues and autism to lead independent and fulfilling lives. - To have good communication skills (both written and oral), including listening skills and the ability to communicate effectively with the people we support using a variety of different methods as required. - To be ambitious for the people we support and willing to support them in whatever activities they choose to do. - To understand the rights of the people we support. - To understand the duties of staff within the homes of people we support and the community. - To be able to support individuals to learn new skills. - To be caring, patient and sensitive to the needs of the people we support. - To be able to provide personal care when required in a sensitive manner. - To be able to understand and follow written policies and other documents, some of which contain technical language. - To be able to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs and wants of the people we support. - To be reliable, punctual and flexible and able to complete a range of shifts. - To be able to use your own initiative to deal with emergencies or difficult situations when required. - To be able to manage the finances of the people we support and keep accurate records - To be able to complete forms and write reports that are accurate and easily understood. - To understand the principles of Health and Safety. - To understand, and commitment to, equal opportunities and diversity. - To be able to work as part of a team or alone. - To be able to perform domestic duties and support individuals to take part in such tasks - To be able to prepare ingredients and cook a healthy meal. Desirable Requirements - To be creative and innovative. - To share the same interests as the person(s) that you are paid to support. - To have a knowledge of the local area. ning the Service User or the care being provided to the office team


Essential Skills:

? Minimum 3 months of experience in caring.

? An understanding of the needs of elderly or disabled adults who are vulnerable within


? Experience of providing care to people living in the community

? Demonstrate ability to relate professionally and respectfully to elderly or disabled clients

? Physically fit and able to undertake safe manual handling practices

? Observant and sensitive to a clients needs

? Knowledge of food hygiene/manual handling/health & safety standards and practices

? Experience of providing care to people living in the community

Working hours will vary depending on the Service Users needs and availability of the carer. This can involve either live in care or shift work. Terms and conditions of employment are as per your employment contract and staff handbook. Carers are expected to arrive on time for all shifts.

TRAINING: A two-day Induction course, followed by one day manual handling, must be

completed before commencement of employment. Care staff will also be required to attend ongoing training from time to time to maintain their skills and to comply with Azcare

registration requirements. There is also a three-monthly in-service review meeting.

DRESS CODE: A smart casual appearance is always required with sensible footwear.

Jewellery must be kept to a safe minimum. No trainers or jeans are to be worn. Carers are provided

with ID cards which are to be clearly presented during each shift.

If you have any further queries regarding the Care Assistant position, please contact

West Yorkshire, England, UK