Support Worker

The client receives 24- hour support, this is 2-1 at present.

He has verbal communication although he may not wish to speak
If he does not know you or does not feel comfortable with you.

Staff should always engage with himusing short sentences but with simple words he understands

Staff should be patient with himuntil he can process what he has just been told, hence leave him for 45 minutes and return to remind him again.

Staff should endeavor to have a correct body language position while supporting himto avoid been grabbed or squeezed e.g.,

Going on a trip, ensure heis involved in the choice of the location also prompt him to have a bath. Do remind himhe has to sit on the back-back seat in the vehicle.

Also, on going on a trip, do a risk assessment of where you are going and intimate Dof what need to be done when at the venue to reduce risk to the barest minimum.

In the trip, the second staff should engage with himto distract him from grabbing or squeezing the PDW

takes his medication with Nutella

He does not like the word NO and staff must be creative in telling him no using other words. (cant, not possible, not happening, not now etc).

Although David can communicate verbally, he may have difficulty in getting across his needs.

Sometimes its better to ask him a direct question are you thirsty are you hungry.

If he is not in a good mood he may make a loud mooing noise, this is a sign he is not happy, and staff Should keep their distance.

He can punch, kick and throw items at staff, he can also hug people very tightly to the extent of injury. When he does this staff should say, Dont hurt me because I dont hurt you.

Also, whenever hegrabs staff,they should never laugh or smileas that may encourage him and make him feel he is playing game thereby continuing.

No females should be in Davids services alone but on a 2-1 out in the community.

His Mum stays along the road from him and can be contacted in emergency. he spends time with his mum unsupported at her house.

Thursdays, he takes dinner with mum and goes out on Fridays with mum from about 1pm to 7pm.

This goes the same for his dad who he spends time with on Tuesdays outside his house from about 1pm to 7pm.
In the event of staff not turning up on time.

if in good mood would be safe to be supported for an hour or two 1-1 but not much longer.

He like playing with his toys upstairs in the space room.

Likes watching his DVDs downstairs in the living room and also in his den.

HE should be encouraged to take water as he often prefers to drink cola or milk.

he prefers to be spoken to once on matters and be given space after to think and act. Repeating words could get him agitated

West Lothian, Scotland, UK