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CAE Engineer, Digital Projects

Here at TPA we are very excited to be able offer the position ofCAE Engineer, Digital Projects with a highly competitive salary and desirable staff benefits.

Purpose of the Job:

The primary purpose of this position is to develop, optimise and assess electrical performance and structural integrity of our company digital twin using FE and CFD Analyses coupled with robust design techniques and statistical data analysis of results.

This is a highly complex and technical role requiring someone capable to understand cutting-edge of our products technology problems (electrochemistry, CHT, stress, nonlinear material behaviour, environmental degradation, etc.) and translate them into CAE simulations and surrogate models, to achieve accurate and reliable performance / life predictions of our products digital twin.

The candidate would need to demonstrate the ability to compress difficult multiphysics, multi-dimensional problems into accurate and reliable CAE simulations as well as meaningful CAE-based surrogate models to be used by the wider business functions.

Key to perform well in this role will be the capability to be:

  • A good communicator and presenter.
  • Capable of influencing new product design via sound, clear and concise data-driven analysis results.
  • At ease with highly complex and potentially technically challenging simulation models.
  • Capable of finding the right balance between model simplicity and accuracy.
  • Efficient at debugging and optimising simulation execution times within hardware/software limitations.
  • Ability to back up analysis results with hand calculations.
  • Pro-active in ensuring simulation results are compared to design requirements.

?Key Responsibilities:

Conduct a variety of CAE analyses, including Multiphysics, FEA, CFD simulations and assessments using robust design techniques (i.e. Six Sigma, DOE, Monte Carlo Analysis, Design Optimization, etc.) for our companies digital projects and inform the engineering community of optimal solutions to meet product technical requirements.

This will be executed through development, implementation and maintenance of automated analysis workflows generated on a dedicated software platform and integrated to the Cloud.

Main accountabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Responsible for architecting, building and operating digital twin based on CAE models coupled with robust design techniques and processed through automated analysis workflows developed on a dedicated software platform and integrated to the companies cloud architecture.
  • Build highly scalable, general purpose, multi-physics simulation workflows that link multiple CAE applications to produce surrogate models for performance and life assessment of our applications.
  • Hands-on in designing, planning, implementing, maintaining and documenting the codification and materials database in cloud environments.
  • Collaborating closely with a team of developers, scientists, managers, design, systems and CAE engineers to gather requirements, design, implement, test and deploy CAE interoperability features of the digital twin.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of the CAE team by supporting and coaching other business functions on the usage of the database, analysis workflows and digital twin surrogate models.
  • Participating in regularly scheduled meetings and scrums to contribute ideas that drive digital innovation and communicate project status.
  • Contribute to CAE methods development while collaborating with internal stakeholders, customers and suppliers.

Key Internal Relationships:

CAE Engineers:

  • Support in defining scope of CAE analysis digital projects.
  • Work closely to the CAE Team to ensure correct priorities are assigned to digital projects.
  • Work closely to ensure analysis is in line with best practises / previous validation.

Systems Engineers / Mechanical Engineers / Control Engineers:

  • Support evidence-based decision-making processes through CAE simulation.
  • Report status of CAE digital projects.
  • Provide advice / solutions to digital engineering problems.
  • Participate and report in integrated project team reviews.
  • Test Engineering Manager and Test Ops Engineers:
  • Interface closely with Test Managers to schedule tests required for CAE validation exercises.
  • Interface closely with Test Engineers to ensure tests are run appropriately and produce quality results.


Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required:

  • Degree in mechanical engineering, with at least 5 years of professional development in our products , clean energy, automotive, aerospace and / or similar industry.
  • Excellent hand-calculation and excel-based analysis skills to back up detailed analysis results.
  • Development experience in one or more object-oriented programming languages (e.g. Python, C++), and an understanding of algorithmic complexity.
  • Experience in coding, testing, and documentation of programs and scripts from agreed specifications.
  • Experience developing socket communication, parallel programming, and file import/export for co-simulation.
  • Experience with distributed systems in general, especially in cloud and web.
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines and manage ones own time and expectations of stakeholders.
  • Experience with HEEDS, COMSOL, StarCCM+, ANSYS and / or Abaqus ?and Minitab is beneficial.
  • Flexibility to learn and perform different types of analysis to meet digital project needs.
  • Demonstrate practical skills to complement academic background.
  • Proficient in robust design techniques applied to CAE analysis and statistical data analysis of simulation results.
  • Demonstrate an interest in batteries/electrolysers or other electrochemical applications.

?To hear more about this excellent company and opportunity, apply through the link and we will call you to discuss in more detail.

West Sussex, England, UK