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Full Stack Developer

The Role

You will be joining a small, fast moving team building out a next-generation cloud platform that will power smart offices, buildings and cities globally.

We've been building software to run smart buildings and cities for more than a decade. Our products talk to 100s of different kinds of devices and equipment from extra low voltage devices to IP Camera systems to IoT devices to large scale fire alarm and chiller systems. We're headquartered in Singapore but we have offices all over Asia and in Australia as well.

Your primary role will be in helping build out the core technology for our platform.

Your Responsibilities

You will get to work closely with

  • other developers to build the platform and related tools.
  • third party vendors to integrate their devices and services
  • designers to help define our interfaces and bring them to life
  • marketing to make our platform more appealing
  • infrastructure to ensure we are architected for scalability and performance
  • early customers who will be using or building on our platform

We don't expect you to be an expert or even know much about any of these, but you will get the chance to learn and grow into the role.

You may also have to

  • try out and evaluate new technologies that we may want to adapt
  • talk to customers and developers to help improve our tools and documentation
  • occassionally travel to meet and assist partners or early customers in person
  • present our platform and perform training for partners

What we expect

You will need to show some solid skills in developing software.

You should have 1-4 years of experience.

It doesn't really matter what languages, platforms or tools you already know - the only thing we want to know is if you have the ability to get things done and ship working products. We expect you will be able pick up the required skills and tools on the job with assistance from the rest of the team.

What you can expect

The chance to work on a Cloud-first SaaS Platform that solves real challenges for people in an industry that is undergoing rapid change.

Above industry standard compensation.

Flexible working environment that empowers developers.

What we use

Our technology stack is constantly evolving.

Currently, for our backend components we use C#, node.js, python and some experiments with Go and Rust.

Our front ends are javascript, (but increasingly moving to Typescript and React.js) for web.

Swift for iOS and Java for Android.

We interface with multiple database tools including Sql Server, Cassandra, MongoDB and Elastic Search.

We use git for version control, Jenkins for continuous integration and various internal tools and scripts for infrastructure. We host in AWS and Azure.

Developers choose their own tools but most seem to have settled on VS Code.

What we do

We've been doing IoT since before it was called IoT.

We started with software for monitoring and controlling equipment in a building.

Our platform is now used to efficiently run spaces from buildings with a thousand of devices and systems to cities with millions.

Now that smart devices are accessible and affordable, we're now looking at taking this main-stream, on the cloud and making it possible for anyone, anywhere to run a smart environment.

About Us

Lucy is the future of smart workplaces

The technologies that power your workplace are still primitive and crude. We believe they can be better. Lucy is the world's first composable workplace platform - designed to make your workplaces smarter, healthier and happier.

How to Apply

Does this role sound like a good fit? Email us at

  • Include the role's title in your subject line.
  • Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done.

Chennai, TN, IN