Team Leader BK1


Provides direct support to individuals supported in a manner consistent with the InVision Human Services mission and philosophy. Responsible for compliance of county, state and federal monitoring standards specific to the individual supported and the physical site. Accountable for all paperwork necessary to ensure compliance of monitoring standards. Responsible for the routine, emergent and follow-up medical care of the individual supported and their overall health and well-being.


Mission and Philosophy

  • Encourages and honors each person to be the decision maker in his/her life
  • Interacts with each person with an understanding that the person is capable and competent
  • Encourages rather than directs each individual supported
  • Performs all job duties with the understanding that what is most important is that which is important to the individual supported.
  • Recognizes and acts upon non-verbal feedback provided by the individual supported.
  • Alters the interaction/approach being used with the individual in the moment based upon the person's verbal or non-verbal communication and assists in deescalating situations.
  • Listens to the individual supported and follows their lead. Avoids debating, arguing, advising especially during a crisis or situation which may become a crisis.
  • Seeks feedback from the individual supported to ensure the person feels heard and supported.
  • Acknowledges mistakes and apologizes to each person, if warranted, thus accepting joint ownership of the relationship
  • Implements each support plan as written, particularly acknowledging a persons feelings and responding in a way that helps to meet each person's goals and needs, without trying to change the person or their behavior
  • Maintains at all times supervision levels prescribed in ISP/CSP
  • Participates in all debriefing sessions which occur following an incident
  • Following debriefing sessions, accepts feedback from each person involved and responds promptly and positively to feedback.
  • Demonstrates professionalism, dignity, and respect towards individuals supported, co-workers, management, and other associates both within the organization and outside of the company.
  • Serves as a constant positive role model with the individual supported, team members, co-workers, management, and others both within the organization and outside the company
  • Assists in planning community and in-home activities that are of interest to and meaningful for the individual supported.
  • Seeks feedback from the supervisory and clinical staff to ensure their interactions are in accordance with the agency philosophy and needs of the individual supported
  • Reports any questions or concerns regarding individual supported, co-workers or the organization directly to the program supervisor.

Licensing and Contractual Compliance

  • Plans, participates, conducts and documents fire drills and fire equipment checks as scheduled or required. Ensures that original fire drill checklists are submitted to the program supervisor with monthly paperwork and that copy is filed in the individual's house chart.
  • Maintains the cleanliness, safety and security of the home or property, which may include but not be limited to housekeeping, minor household repair, yard care, trash removal, laundry, and general upkeep, in a manner consistent with InVision Human Services standards and all regulatory and licensing requirements.
  • Schedules emergent, routine and follow-up medical appointments to ensure regulatory compliance as well as the overall optimum health of the person supported. Ensures all original medical follow up forms are submitted to the program supervisor with monthly paperwork and copies are filed in the individual's house chart.
  • Immediately notifies program supervisor of any changes in the general medical health of the individual, emergent necessary treatment or follow-up appointments, and/or changes in medication.
  • Accurately documents the results of medical appointments, medical procedures, cancellation or refusal of appointments and communicates status to the team.
  • Actively and appropriately responds to and reports emergency situations, including utilizing the emergency on-call system if required.
  • Accurately dispenses and documents the administration of medication in accordance with the PA State Medication Administration Program
  • Reviews weekly, the monthly medication administration reports to ensure the adherence to doctor's orders.
  • Maintains confidentiality of records relating to protected health information (PHI) of the individual supported as prescribed by HIPPA regulations.
  • Assists with the annual inventory of the personal belongings of the individual supported as well as ensuring that the personal inventory is updated accurately throughout the year and original inventories are submitted to program supervisor with monthly paperwork and copies are filed in the individual's house chart.
  • Monitors monthly, via written documentation, physical site for safety, cleanliness and adequate repair resulting in quality standard of living


  • Complies with all InVision Human Services policies, procedures and standard business practices.
  • Correctly and accurately completes and submits by stated deadline, InVision Human Services required documents such as timesheets, expense reports and progress notes.
  • Submits required information such as physical examinations, vehicle insurance and vehicle registration to supervisory or administrative staff as requested by stated deadlines.
  • Adheres to schedule for arrival time, scheduled appointments, and other company related meetings.
  • Independently tracks and completes company required training within designated timeframes.
  • Monitors and reports vehicle maintenance and repairs as well as accurately completes monthly vehicle documentation, if applicable.
  • Completes and submits electronically, monthly reports by the stated deadlines.
  • Ensures required documentation per the 6400 regulations is present in the home chart.
  • Maintains the house chart of the individual supported and ensures documentation in both house chart and office chart are accurate and identical.
  • Utilizes computer equipment and programs to provide for efficient and effective communication and work flow.
  • Participates in team leader, house and all staff meetings and facilitates positive outcomes
  • Completes all required daily documentation including the daily note thereby ensuring service provision aligns with ISP outcomes
  • Meets with program supervisor regularly or as requested for supervision and/or employee development
  • Transports the individual supported to community based activities and appointments
  • Responsible for meal planning, purchasing of food, oversight of meal preparation,
  • Collects, reviews and submits to the office monthly documentation, including but not limited to the daily notes, MAR, physical forms, dental forms, medical visit forms and client cash on hand reports. Reports any discrepancies or missing documentation to the program supervisor, in writing, at time of submission of monthly documentation

Financial Management

  • Provides full documentation of all expenditures made on behalf of the company in the form of petty cash, personal expense reimbursements, or other related disbursements.
  • Makes all programmatic expenditures within amounts approved by immediate supervisor or appropriate management personnel.
  • Reports immediately any discrepancies related to the use of personal or company funds.
  • Appropriately uses, documents and reviews all transactions related to funds belonging to the individual supported
  • Serves as a responsible petty cash custodian ensuring all funds are available in the house and provides full weekly reporting of expenses.
  • Performs other job-related tasks, duties and responsibilities from time to time as requested by Program Supervisor and/or Manager.

Behavior Requirements:

The following constitute the behavior expectations the company has for each employee:

  • Treats everybody with dignity and respect
  • Is honest and trustworthy
  • Respects authority and the chain of communication
  • Exhibits a willingness and desire to learn about the company and its philosophies
  • Exhibits empathy
  • Respects others opinions, beliefs and position on a matter, even if it contradicts his/her own
  • Understands the importance of, and practices respectful disagreement
  • Follows fundamental business etiquette and protocols
  • Complies with all policies and regulations
  • Projects a positive attitude and image of the company internally and externally




To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential function satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required, as well as any physical requirements. Reasonable accommodation may be made to enable a qualified individual with a disability to perform the essential functions.


* High School diploma/GED plus a minimum of 3 years working with individuals with mental health/developmental disabilities or in a related human service capacity. Experience with residential and/or vocational service provision preferred. Associates Degree or Bachelors of Science or Arts in related field preferred; prior knowledge of 6400 regulations a plus. Demonstrates interest in professional growth by reading industry related information and participating in educational opportunities. Master's Degree may be substituted for experience.

Salary Range
$27,000.00 - $56,000.00
per Year
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Ambridge, PA, 15003, US