Touchette Group Inc.

Having started from a workshop in 1979, Groupe Touchettenow exploits over 30 distribution centers, from Halifax to Vancouver, as well as several retail service centers through its banners; Touchette Tires and Mechanics, TireLand and Tire Partners. With over 520 employees, Groupe Touchette is a key player in the Canadian tire distribution market, whether with tire manufacturers, automobile manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, independents and via its sell-out programs; TireLink, TireLink Alliance and DT Tire.
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Job/Position Purpose

The Driver is responsible for loading the delivery vehicle and delivering the goods directly to the company's customers on time.
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Assigned Responsibilities

  • Plan the clients visits itinerary and schedule according to the dispatcher's instructions;
  • Perform the loading of the delivery trucks;
  • Conduct a pre-departure inspection of the delivery vehicle to detect any anomaly;
  • Drive the vehicle to the clients location and unload the shipped units within requested timelines;
  • Fill up the shipping documents with the customers to verify the delivery accuracy;
  • Drive back to the warehouse with the customers returned merchandise and the COD payments type;
  • Report to the dispatcher or the warehouse manager, all accidents and all incidents involving drivers or the company's equipment;
  • Promptly report any delivery delays due to failures, weather conditions, traffic conditions or other emergencies, as well as irregularities cases relating to the collect and the delivery of the shipment.

Success Factors

  • Excellent physical shape: capable of lifting loads of up to 45 lbs and capable of driving a vehicle for long consecutive hours;
  • Technical background: own a valid class 5 driver's license;
  • Autonomy: be an independent person, a self-starter and able to work under minimal supervision;
  • Resourcefulness: have a good judgment, an ease to find many solutions to problems and a capacity to take initiatives.
Richmond, BC, B7A, CA