Research Technician, Germ Cell Development - Yamashita Lab

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We currently have a need for two Research Technicians within the laboratory of Dr. Yukiko Yamashita at Whitehead Institute/Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Yamashita lab wants to understand the mechanisms that underlie 'immortality' of the germline; in other words, the ability of the germline to pass genetic information from one generation to the next essentially in eternity - a foundation for the existence of life. More information can be found on the lab's website (

In this role, you'll have the opportunity to work on the mechanisms of germ cell development using Drosophila as a model system. Through working closely under the supervision of the Principal Investigator and a postdoctoral fellow, you will perform a variety of research activities, including fluorescence microscopy, molecular biology, genetics, immunohistochemistry, and data analysis.

This is an ideal opportunity for recent graduates to garner additional research experience of 2+ years before attending graduate or medical school, or other opportunities. The position is also open to individuals with more extensive experience who are interested in broadening their skills in a longer-term capacity.

If this role appeals to you, we encourage you to apply even if you are unsure about whether you meet all of the qualifications, experience, and education described below. We believe skills are transferable, and passion for the research that we do goes a long way. We welcome you to share a cover letter providing more context about your interest in this position, and any relevant skills you'd like to share with us.

In This Role You Will:

  • Conduct bench level experiments and small independent research projects in consultation with the Principal Investigator or other project manager

  • Perform immunohistochemistry of Drosophila tissues

  • Conduct fluorescence microscopy and quantitative image analysis.

  • Perform basic molecular biology techniques such as - PCR, DNA and RNA purification.

  • Genetic crosses and fly stock maintenance.

  • Interpret experimental outcomes and present findings to the supervisor and other group members in oral and written formats.

  • Document and compile experimental data in a lab notebook on a daily basis.

  • Present findings at lab meeting, respond to challenges, and participate in exchange of ideas to advance the science. Prepare figures and diagrams for presentations and publications.

  • Read and understand relevant scientific literature.


  • Bachelor's degree in biology, biochemistry, genetics, or a field directly related to the work.

  • At least one year of undergraduate research experience.

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills, strong organizational and record keeping skills.

  • Must be driven, organized, and enthusiastic about learning new skills.

  • Must be able to work independently.

  • Proficiency in basic lab techniques and principles of molecular biology or microscopy preferred

  • Knowledge of various scientific databases and publications preferred

Physical Requirements

Remaining in a normal seated or standing position for extended periods of time; reaching and grasping by extending hand(s) or arm(s); dexterity to manipulate objects with fingers, for example using a keyboard; communication skills using the spoken word; ability to see and hear within normal parameters; ability to move about workspace. The position requires mobility, including the ability to move materials weighing up to several pounds (such as a laptop computer or tablet). Work may involve possible exposure to malodorous vapors, low dose radiation, contamination by toxic chemicals and acids and presence of carcinogenic substances.

Persons with disabilities may be able to perform the essential duties of this position with reasonable accommodation. Requests for reasonable accommodation will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Please Note:

This job description sets forth the job's principal duties, responsibilities, and requirements; it should not be construed as an exhaustive statement, however. Unless they begin with the word "may," the Essential Duties and Responsibilities described above are "essential functions" of the job, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Compensation and Benefits

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