Claims Specialist Property


Location London
Job Function Claims Specialist - Property
Posted 24 June 2021
Employment Type Permanent

As a lead technical claims expert for a specific class or line of business at BGS Claims, the Claims Specialist role is designed to manage a portfolio of litigated or complex claims that align with their expertise level and claims authority.
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Our claims team are at the heart of our service to our clients - helping people get back on their feet if the worst happens.
"I'm one of the fairly rare people who moved to Underwriting and then moved back to Claims and since being at Brit I've worked in different claims roles so I walk the walk in how we allow people to move laterally around the business. It's been wonderful, because I've learned about a huge variety of different products.

It's a very nice atmosphere at Brit; genuinely Claims and Underwriters work together. We're viewed equally well and highly within the business. Having worked on both sides of the fence - Claims and Underwriting - I wouldn't work for an organisation where that wasn't the case.

I believe we make a difference. As one client put it to me, Claims is where the rubber hits the road. And it does hit the road. Sometimes it can be fast-paced, it can be uncomfortable, but it's challenging intellectually and occasionally emotionally. But we work with such a broad spectrum of people. There's so much variety and opportunity in claims."

Marie Hill, Deputy Group Head of Claims


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Variety and opportunity in claims

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