Graduate Opportunities in Wilmslow

Recently graduated? Congratulations!

Keep seeing lots of recruitment jobs offering the world but have no idea what being a recruitment consultant actually entails? You are not alone and this is where many of our top performers started.


No idea what you want to do? Again this is where a lot of our trainees started and are now 4 years later in management positions earning 6 figures.

You will no doubt be speaking to lots of recruiters at the moment but few will realise the opportunity they are being offered. If you are driven by money, career minded and interested in a challenge then recruitment could be the career you are looking for.

Last year our average remuneration for a consultant’s first full year was £33,514 with the highest newcomer earning £41, 574 and the lowest £27,943. Our average salary for a consultant with 3 years full experience is £87,184

Remuneration isn’t all we offer either. We are organically grown meaning there are numerous Fast track Management opportunities available that reward your hard graft. With an in house training academy – we have one of the finest graduate schemes available that continuously works with you enhancing both your sales skills and coaching your ongoing personal development.

What’s the catch?

This is a career – it is not a job. It is not a stop gap. This is the chance to build a professional network for years to come, to foster strong relationships with candidates and clients alike and that takes time.

It is not a 9-5pm job. The hours required can be lengthy as you catch up with candidates after hours.

Resilience is key. There will be last minute no shows, cancellations and rejections. You are in a very competitive industry working alongside a lot of competition in the market place which means you have to work at a constant pace with urgency.

It is tough!

But then nothing with such rewards does come easy

We are looking for graduates with the following primary qualities:

• Positivity

• Strong Social Skills

• Good Communication abilities

• Confidence

• Genuine

• Passionate

• Honesty

We are even more interested in graduates with the following Super qualities:

• Brave

• Resilient

• Hardworking/ Intensity

• Street Smart

• Focused

• Goal Orientated/ Highly motivated

• Persuasive

• Street Smart

• Has a point to prove

• Ambitious

• Striving to continuously improve

We are looking for graduates for our Manchester, Wilmslow and Truro offices
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