General Manager Restaurant

General Responsibilities General Manager Our Store Managers are responsible for the financial and operational performance of his/her store. They will report to a Regional Manager. Store Managers will ensure that our brand standards are communicated and understood by all staff. These standards include: The preparation of the product. The consistent quality of product. The cleanliness and appearance of the store environment. The cleanliness, appearance and efficiency of the back of shop. The appearance of staff. The friendliness and efficiency of customer service. Personnel The management of personnel is of key importance. Store Managers are responsible for: Developing and maintaining positive relationships with the staff by understanding and addressing needs and concerns. Challenging and inspiring staff to achieve the desired results. Providing training and mentoring to staff in order to achieve required operational standards and the required financial results. Participating in succession planning activities to support store development and Planning holiday rotas to ensure all holidays are covered. Financial The Store Manager is responsible for financial performance of his/her store. This responsibility includes: Ensuring our brand standards are communicated, understood, implemented and maintained. Maximising profitability through the, suggestion and implementation of sales Maximising profitability through the strict adherence of our control procedures which includes: Controlling and minimising costs of sales. Controlling and minimising labour costs. Controlling and minimising wastage. Strictly managing cash including daily banking.
Ascot, England, UK
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