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Founded in 2016, Petbnb is the leading pet services marketplace in the Netherlands. We enable pet parents to easily find and book pet lovers in their neighbourhood for services including doggy daycare, dog boarding, dog walking and drop-in visits.

Headquartered in Amsterdam and with a development team in Buenos Aires, Argentina, our mission is to enable as many people as possible to experience the unconditional love of pets and to make the lives of pet parents simpler, in the Netherlands and beyond.
What we are looking for We’re looking for a late Co-founder to join our early-stage team and initially focus on marketing and operations. Working together with the existing team, you will be responsible for planning, executing and optimising paid search, social, content and referral marketing campaigns. Measuring and improving performance can only be achieved with a good understanding of data, hence you will also be responsible for setting up our data science capabilities. However, as this is a start-up you should be willing to take on additional responsibilities as and when needed and will work closely with the existing founding team to formulate business strategy, develop product, fundraise etc.
Strong online marketing experience (especially social, paid search, referral, PR) with demonstrable track record of achieving successful growth.
Is very hands-on i.e. has experience managing and running campaigns, creating their own content, writing copy and doesn’t always have to hire or delegate to someone else.
Very comfortable with managing and analysing data. Great Excel skills and SQL knowledge is a plus.
Ideally has previous early stage startup experience and even better, with an online marketplace.
Is creative and not scared of trying out big, bold ideas.
Is technical.
Works well both independently and as part of a team.
Loves learning new skills.
Is fantastic at creating convincing, data-driven arguments.
Fundraising experience is a plus.
Fit Given the importance of the role, fit is extremely important. While it can be extremely rewarding, being the co-founder of a small early stage start-up can be extremely challenging. As such there are many good reasons not to apply, for example:
You would prefer to work alone.
You are looking for a steady job with regular hours and a regular income.
You prefer managing to having to manage and execute.
You would prefer to work only in your areas of expertise.
You would prefer to keep your personal and professional life separate.
On the other hand, if you are someone who: Is motivated and excited by the idea of building something huge.
Takes initiative and is excited by the prospect of testing their own ideas.
Is comfortable with uncertainty and risk.
Prefers trying and failing to not trying at all.
Is looking to dive in and experience the thrill of start-up life.
Then this may be something for you.

Given the current stage of the business and the role compensation will be a mixture of salary and equity, the latter to be accrued over a vesting period of 4 years.

As this role is beyond a normal job, do not expect a response if you just submit your CV. In addition to your CV, please answer the following: What motivates you about the project?
What excites you about working for a start-up and being a Co-Founder?
Skills and experience: What do you bring to the table?
We have some very well funded competition - how can we compete and win?
What % of your compensation would you like paid in equity and what % in salary in an ideal scenario.
Some personal likes and dislikes.
If this sounds like you it would be great to have a conversation, the first step is to click the button below.
Amsterdam, Netherlands, nl
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