Financial Controller

Miller Weldmaster is looking for a results-driven and confident financial controller to manage and improve our organization's financial performance and direct our accounting operations. Duties for the financial controller will include managing accounting records, evaluating, and managing risk, ensuring compliance with regulations, publishing financial statements, overseeing accounting operations, analyzing financial data, monitoring expenditure, forecasting revenue, coordinating auditing processes, and ensuring accuracy of financial information.

Your strategic planning and exceptional numerical proficiency as a financial controller will aid our organization in maintaining positive revenue and financial growth, formulating sound financial strategies, implementing proper internal controls, achieving organizational targets, and developing financial plans that support organizational strategy.

The ideal candidate should possess strong analytical skills, international business experience, exceptional problem-solving skills, a flair for numbers, be highly organized, and have excellent leadership skills. The noteworthy financial controller should streamline our accounting functions and operations, provide financial analysis and reports, train staff on business finance issues, promote regulatory compliance, and drive income generation.

Job Summary

Financial controller duties are to manage accounting and monitor internal controls. The financial controller responsibilities include banking, and finance activities, proper reporting and payment to all taxing authorities, insurance recommendations and related purchases and corporate documentation.

General Accountabilities

Establishes, or recommends to management, major economic strategies for the company.
Manages international business transactions and reconciles international sales.
Overseeing international distribution payment agreements and commission payments.
Manages the Finance team, provides guidance, leadership, training, and continuous education opportunities for the team.
Directs financial activities of an organization.
Maintain all the necessary reporting to the banks and backup system reports.
Maintain the company bank balance and remain cognizant of outstanding checks.
Ensures that invoices are paid correctly and in a timely manner.
Prepares reports which summarize and forecast business activity and financial position based on past, present, and expected operations.
Directs preparation of budgets and reviews budget proposals.
Advises management about insurance coverage for protection against potential liabilities.
Provides senior leadership with reviews of organization's financial status and progress in its various initiatives.
Applies depreciation rates to capital assets.
Make sure all financial statements and tables are correct and precise.
Reconcile all bank statements and monthly financial reports.
Prepare projections annually and update monthly with actual figures.
Establishes relations with banks and other financial institutions.
Arranges for audits of company accounts.
The controller must coordinate with the auditors and financial institutions and be prepared to surrender documentation if called upon.
Coordinate with the tax division of the company and prepare any schedules required for tax returns.
Streamlining accounting functions and operations.
Advises management on desirable operational adjustments due to tax code changes.
Read and review any documentation attached to checks for approval and accuracy’s sake.
Ensures that f ollow up occurs with customers that are over 45 days old.
Prepares reports required by regulatory agencies.

Job Qualifications
Education: Bachelor's degree
CPA preferred

International business experience
Excellent verbal and written communication
Critical thinking
Judgment and decision making
Complex problem solving
Management of financial resources
Good communication skills.
Strong leadership qualities.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Sound knowledge of accounting fundamentals.
Auditing experience.
Compliance oriented.
Proficiency in accounting software.
Analytical skills.

Salary Range
$78,000.00 - 137,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Navarre, OH 44662, US
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