Student Brand Ambassador

Job Overview
Collabful, Inc is an education technology startup designed to give students trying to connect and collaborate the flexibility to access information and conversations, receive help for classes, and earn extra income tutoring classes you have already done well in.

Job Duties
- Create and manage study groups on Collabful.
- Increase brand awareness and create a brand association amongst students about Collabful and its virtual resources through leveraging social media and interpersonal connections.
- Utilize your existing connections and marketing skills to build and strengthen Collabful's presence with clubs and other organizations on your campus and establish Collabful as a resource for students to use for their classes and beyond.
- Attend biweekly check-ins to brainstorm new features and strategies and discuss feedback gathered from students.
Salary Range
$28,000.00 - 49,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Montpelier, VT 05601, US
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