A Picker/ Packer position is responsible for constructing boxes and packing them full of products you already know and love. It takes teamwork for a facility to run smoothly, so you can expect to work weekends and holidays with the rest of the crew.
If you have never worked in a warehouse or manufacturing environment before you can expect to be working on your feet for the entirety of your shift near heavy machinery in a loud manufacturing environment. The facilities are also large. While we want everyone to feel comfortable, our ability to control the temperature is limited. Indoor warehouse working conditions are impacted by seasons and the weather.
Our team has a reputation for speed, and we obsess over numbers. We measure nearly every activity that occurs on the manufacturing floor in an effort to constantly better ourselves.

Construct boxes and pack them with products, either manually or with the help of automated machines.
Maintaining accurate order picking, packing and inventory records
Perform frequent quality checks, such as making sure labels are correct.
Rotate codes according to product rotation schedule
Make up and fold cartons, close cartons, and stack them on a pallet for transfer
Maintain a clean and safe work area (safety is everyone's job).
Clean and sanitize lines during changeovers from one product to another.
Assist in setting up lines during a changeover process and may include placing stickers and wiping down machines and making minor adjustments to machinery.
Pushing waste totes from our production area to a compactor, securing it with a latch, and rolling them back to our production floor.
Reworking products is another task you will do daily: the team takes any product that does not meet our quality standards and puts them off to the side.
Review production schedule daily. How many boxes will you need? As a packer, understanding the production schedule and planning for your shift is important.

If you have never worked in a manufacturing environment before, please know that this position involves repetitively moving the arms and torso while continually standing for many hours. Packers are expected to stay on the line until someone relieves you for your break.
West Valley City, UT, US
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