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Front End (UI) Lead

Role Proficiency:

Systematically develops and promotes technology solutions ensuring the developed solution meets both functional and non – functional requirements.



  1.   Develop and promote technical solutions which support the business requirements within area of expertise.
  2.   Ensures IT requirements are met and service quality maintained when introducing new services. Considers the cost effectiveness of proposed solution(s).
  3.   Set FAST goals and provide feedback to FAST goals of mentees
  4.   Innovative and technically sound for project analysis in depth.
  5.   Uphold the standards and best practices by adhering to them in his/her work as well as by implementing them in the team’s work by reviewing and monitoring.
  6.   Provide innovative contribution within the team by coming up with ideas to automate repetitive work.
  7.   Able to mentor Developers in such a way that they can progress to the next level of growth.
  8.   Conduct peer reviews and demand high quality standards for the reviewed deliverables.
  9. Conduct technical assessments for hiring candidates to Developer roles.


Measures of Outcomes:

  1.   Adherence to engineering process and standards (coding standards)
  2.   Defined productivity standards for project
  3.   Schedule Adherence
  4.   Mandatory Trainings/Certifications
  5.   Innovativeness (In terms of how many new ideas/thought processes/standards/best practices he/she has come up with)
  6.   Maintain quality standards for individual and team
  7.   Adhere to project schedules for individual and team
  8.   Number of technical issues uncovered during the execution of the project
  9.   Number of defects in the code
  10.   Number of defects post delivery
  11.   Number of noncompliance issues
  12.   On time completion of mandatory compliance trainings
  13. Adhere to organizational policies and processes


Outputs Expected:


  1. Independently develop code for above Maintain best coding and engineering practices



  1. Implement and monitor configuration process



  1. Create and review unit test cases scenarios and execution
  2. 100% code coverage for unit testing



  1. Sign off templates checklists guidelines standards for design/process/development
  2. Sign off deliverable documents – design documentation requirements test cases and results



  1. Creation of design LLD architecture for Applications Features Business Components and Data Models


Interface with Customer:

  1. Proactively influence customer thought process
  2. Consider NPS Score for customer and delivery performance


Manage Project:

  1. Contribute to module level development


Manage knowledge:

  1. Consume and contribute to project related documents share point libraries and client universities
  2. Creation of knowledge sharing assets


Assists others in resolving complex technical problems::

  1. Manage all aspects of problem management activities investigating the root cause of problems and recommend SMART (specific measurable achievable realistic timely) solutions


Development and review of Standards & Documentation::

  1. Maintenance of software process improvement activities; communicating to a range of individuals teams and other bodies.


Skill Examples:

  1.   Proactively identify solutions for technical issues
  2.   Ability to maintain technical evaluation procedures
  3.   Ability to estimate project effort based on the requirement
  4.   Perform and evaluate test results against product specifications
  5.   Break down complex problems into logical components
  6.   Interface with other teams designers and other parallel practices
  7.   Set goals for self and team. Provide feedback to team members
  8.   Create and articulate impactful technical presentations
  9.   Follow high level of business etiquette in emails and other business communication
  10.   Drive conference calls with customers and answer customer questions
  11.   Proactively ask for and offer help
  12.   Ability to work under pressure determine dependencies risks facilitate planning; handling multiple tasks.
  13. Build confidence with customers by meeting the deliverables on time with a quality product


Knowledge Examples:

Additional Comments:

Experience in Liferay is a plus but not mandatory - Create style sheets, templates, and components within Liferay DXP and implement them along with appropriate web technologies to accomplish business objectives.

Salary Range
$93,000.00 - 150,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Norfolk, VA 23501, US