Inventory Auditor

Goal: To assist managing accurate and efficient shipping and receiving procedures

  • Job description: * ; Assures that the correct product is received in the right amounts and in a proper condition acceptable by our customers * ; Completes appropriate paperwork for product shipped and received from trucks,containers , railcars and the processing lines * ; Completes board tags for product shipping to the processing lines * ; Coordinates with warehousemen and truck drivers on shipping and receiving ( i.e. explain dock procedures to drivers, etc.) * ; Completes tally sheets and manifests when necessary. Add up manifests on ten-key * ; Helps coordinate loading with the other warehouse when trucker is loading product from multiple buildings * ; Reviews all paperwork for errors before signing carrier out * ; Monitors the dock for theft prevention * ; Notifies foreman of unauthorized persons on the loading dock (truck drivers waiting to be loaded and lumpers not employed by the company) * ; Assists foreman whenever he needs help to obtain information, supplies, etc. * ; Maintains professional relationships with other employees and customers * ; Stocks supplies at each building * ; Performs other duties as assigned by management

Job Type: Full-time


  • High school or equivalent (Required)
Salary Range
$27,000.00 - 36,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Seattle, WA 98127, US
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