Construction Manager

Option No. 1: Construction Phase Services
The CM shall provide the following services (and related admin support) during Construction.Due to the need to minimize disruptions to the public, tenants, and building operations, some of the work will be performed after hours, and the CM will need to be on site for some after hour’s inspections while construction work is taking place. Normal building hours are Monday Friday,7:00 am 4:30 pm. The extent of after hours inspections required will be determined by GSAs the construction schedule is refined.
1. Review new proposals, provide recommendations for actions
2. Provide and distribute inspection site photographs on no less than on a weekly basis
3. Conduct weekly progress meetings, prepare and distribute minutes electronically, no less than 2 business days after meeting takes place. Meeting notes shall be emailed to a standard distribution list, in addition to logging in ePM.
4. Prepare, estimate, negotiate, and track change orders, and contractor requests for changes. Provide written recommendations of validity on contractor requests for changes.Prepare all paperwork necessary for signature of GSA’s contracting officer, with the exception of the funding documents, which will be prepared by GSA. All work associated with change orders shall be prepared in a timely manner, so as to not impeded the progress of construction.5. Receive and coordinate RFI’s, answer as appropriate
6. Provide daily site inspections, and associated written reports, submit all reports no less than once per week.
7. Conduct and document David Bacon labor interviews
8. Provide technical assistance and recommendations for actions to GSA
9. All prepared documentation will comply with GSA forms and procedures, as outlined in the most current GSA Heartland Construction Manager’s Process Manual.
10. Review and provide written comment on contractor schedules
11. Conduct “pencil edit” contractor payment meetings, and process all necessary paperwork
12. Promptly notify GSA in writing of any failure to comply with the contract documents,advice on any substitutions or changes that may be required.
13. Verify with the contractor’s general superintendent that they are looking ahead to resolve problems, concerns, or questions.
14. Assist GSA in determining the cause of change orders, such as design deficiencies,hidden conditions, or GSA or tenant requested changes.
15. Inspect and prepare a D&O list, on GSA forms. The CM shall keep the construction contractor informed as to D&O’s as they occur, in order to minimize the number remaining at the end of the project.
16. Maintain a current, marked up, hard copy set of contract documents, with changes to date, as well as hard copy sets of RFI’s and submittals. Most submittals will be electronic, so the CMa will be responsible for obtaining full size prints of approved submittals to keep in the job site office.
17. Documents shall be posted and tracked electronically in the government database ePM. Send any original contract documents generated, on a weekly basis, to the contracting officer.
18. Track, coordinate and maintain all submittals, and submittal logs in ePM.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $45.00 per hour


  • Construction Management: 3 years (Required)


  • St. Louis, MO (Required)
Tech USA
Salary Range
$63,000.00 - 105,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
St. Louis, MO 63146, US
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