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Are you a Residential In-Home Salesperson that can hit it over the fence, but have been only given the sign to bunt? Are you standing still because your leader acts like their feet are cast in cement? Do you want an organization that will allow you to reach your full potential for earnings and personal development? The Lee Thompson Company is a very successful company that has found the secret sauce that allows us to be better than our competition. It is our people! They set us apart from everyone else as they are high performers who in turn are well rewarded for the result they generate. We are looking for those that want to rise above the crowd and are willing to do what to takes to win. Your attitude is as important as your technical skill set and with our commitment to train and mentor our team members you will experience continual improvement of both attributes. Step out of your comfort zone and reach higher with us and you will never look back. Start the application process now!

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  • We are an Equal Opportunity Employer; all inquiries are kept confidential.

To apply for: Residential In-Home Salesperson@ The Lee Thompson Company

Position Purpose (Summary)

The function of this position is to:

  • Develop profitable sales, and acquire customers through our established sales and marketing program
  • Make recommendations to the customer regarding the different options they have to resolve their wants and needs
  • Identify new business opportunities by performing direct sales activities, and provide support to the administrative personnel as requested
  • Communicate proper operation and owner’s maintenance of the installed equipment to the consumer
  • Answer related questions as to operation, features, and functions to the homeowner
  • Perform required documentation for each installation and have client sign necessary paper work and collect payments as directed
  • Develop self-generated leads through networking, data mining (from existing client records), and referral generation from previous clients

Residential In-Home Salesperson Responsibilities/Duties/Functions/Tasks

  • Customer service orientation
  • Increase revenue from established customers, and generate additional revenue from new customers by using proper sales techniques, problem solving skills and account management
  • Develop estimates for projects sold as this will become the budget for the job
  • Perform “Whole House Diagnostics” to accurately size and design HVAC and plumbing systems and equipment
  • Follow-up on all leads, proposal, and potential sales until closed or lost
  • Track lost sales
  • Self-Generate 25% of all leads
  • Update the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for each interaction
  • Determine customer satisfaction with follow up on all installation/services sold
    • Phone calls at 7, 30, 90, and 365 days after completion
  • Have a good working knowledge of our products and services being offered and this may require additional study and training both on and off site
  • Become knowledgeable of various municipalities plan requirements, permit requirements and submittal processes
  • Communicate with Field Installation Supervisor throughout each project to assure proper, prompt completion of the job
  • Continuously improve knowledge of construction in general, and how The Lee Thompson Company operates to benefit the customer
  • Establish goals and objectives as they relate to the position, along with a plan of action to attain or exceed set goals
  • Regularly review and monitor progress against goals, and seek assistance as needed
  • Communicate effectively with associates, superiors, vendors and customers
  • Ask and obtain customer referrals and web recommendations
  • Possess superior interpersonal skills
  • Should be able to read and interpret blueprints and technical drawings and specification
  • Must be able to accurately list/order materials and supplies for use on the job
  • Must be able to work under time and budgetary constraints and pressures Efficiently manage his/her time and schedules
  • Be computer literate to the extent necessary to fulfill this function
  • Knowledge of Excel and Word is required
  • Should also be very familiar with the use of smart phones, email, and Outlook
  • Must be capable of understanding client needs, and favorably influencing their decision
  • Constantly be learning through training from suppliers, trade shows, seminars, independent study, and other employees
  • Clean, neat, professional appearance
  • Other duties as assigned

Check us out, visit our website, Career’s Page, and reach out to us.

  • We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and all inquiries are kept confidential.

To apply for: Residential In-Home Salesperson@ The Lee Thompson Company

Salary Range
$42,000.00 - 94,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Houston, TX 77246, US
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