(CAN) Deli Associate

Résumé des fonctions...Un associé du rayon de la charcuterie maintient, fait le zonage et le stockage de la zone qui lui est assignée, aide les clients et maintient les modules et les articles-vedettes en promotion, tout en offrant continuellement un service à la clientèle exemplaire par le respect des principes fondamentaux et des valeurs de Walmart.

Ce que vous ferez...

1. Zoning the department.

2. Rotating stock and checking for expired products.

3. Ensuring the merchandise is properly signed and priced.

4. Adhering to standards and policies for cold chain compliance, thermometer calibrations, temperature recording, food handling, product rotation, sell-by dates, and expiration dates.

5. Taking orders for Deli Department merchandise; slicing and preparing merchandise, such as meat, cheese, fried chicken; and providing requested assistance.

6. Providing assistance to the front end Associates with price checks.

7. Preparing deli food orders, meat, cheese, and utilizing slicers ,stackers, and other utensils; preparing chicken by using rotisserie oven and deep fryer; and filling prepared salads and side dishes for placement into display area and specialty orders from Customers as required.

8. Keeping the area N.C.O. and free of fixtures, unnecessary debris, foreign objects, and liquids.

Compétences minimales...

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Age - 16 or older

Compétences recherchées...

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Comme requis par la loi, Walmart offrira des accommodements pour les besoins des associés avec des incapacités.

Emplacement Principal...

Walmart Canada
Lethbridge, AB N1J, CA
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