Drive Tester

Title: Drive Tester (Driver Tester)

Duration: 1 year

Location: Dallas, TX

Pay rate:$50000 per year on W2

We will provide Rental Vehicle.

Configure drive test data collection equipment (XCAL) according to engineer parameters

Perform Data collection on CDMA, LTE 3G and 4G, VOLTE, 5G network (set-up with the vehicle parked)
Perform calibration, verification, and live drive testing of E-911 service
Plot sites and drive test routes utilizing DeLorme Street Atlas for navigation
Execute cluster drives and re-drives tests, stationary tests, and speed tests
Successfully executed Acceptance Test Performance (ATP) drive test, monitored handovers, and Speed test for base stations and customer locations, and documented test results
Verify the diversity and coverage for new sites on air
Check for poor coverage and cell interference
Verify overshooting sectors and recommending electoral down-tilt
Perform maintenance and troubleshooting for XCAL, scanner(s), devices, and document test results
Analyze and recommended neighbor List/ Parameter changes based on MapInfo plots
All tests were performed in line with safety requirements and outlined procedures for all setup to be completed in a parked state in a safe location. Data not actively being reviewed and interpreted during test.

Job Requirements:
Perform Data collection on CDMA, LTE 3G and 4G, VOLT 5G network, live drive testing of E-911 service
Full time
Salary Range
$58,000.00 - 99,000.00
per Year
Salary range estimated by
Plano, TX 75094, US
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